Best Tourist Places to Visit in Takayama, Japan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Takayama, Japan, Asia

Takayama is a city located in Chuba region in Honshu having a total area of 2177.67 sq kms known for mountains, castles and shrines. Takayama has humid continental climate where summers start around month of May with maximum temperature hovering around mid 30’s degrees. Winter sets in during mid October which is short and remains cool with limited sunshine. The region receives heavy snowfall during this point of time. Takayama coordinates with 36.9’ degree North Latitude and 137.15’ degree East Longitude.


History & Meaning of Takayama:

The name Takayama is basically derived from local language which means “tall mountains” as the region is covered with many high mountain peaks and cliffs. History of Takayama dates back to Jomon Period as many of the inhabitants were carpenters by profession. During the 16th century, the Kanamori clan built a castle called as Takayama Castle which is one of the major landmarks even today in this part of the city. Hundred years later, Takayama was ruled by Tokugawa Shogunates who ruled this place for several years. Officially the city was formed in the year 1936 with the merger of two towns namely Takayama and Onada.


Visitor’s attractions in Takayama:

Mount Norikura:

This is one of the tallest mountain ranges in Takayama standing at the height of 9928 feet above sea level which is a dormant volcano mountain. A tourist bus takes the visitors to the nearest summit in the Norikura Mountains.


Shin Hotaka Ropeway:

The ropeway offers a scintillating view of the Northern Alps that takes the tourists 3200 meters above ground level.


Takayama Market:

The market that is located at the heart of the town sells many fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and sea foods which attract lots of visitors.


Takayama Museum:

The museum exhibits some rare collections of Japanese artifacts, glasswares, statues, manuscripts, paintings, prehistoric coins etc where many tourists pay a visit to the museum.


Hida-Kokubunji Temple:

This is one of the ancient monuments located in Takayama which has 3 level pagodas and is approx 1200 years old.


Matsukura Castle:

The castles are one of the oldest structures located in Takayama, which portray fine example of Japanese style of architecture. But due to passage of time one can see only the ruins of the castle.


Ankokuji Temple:

This temple history dates back to 1408 A.D. which is considered to be a national treasure is visited by large number of local as well as foreign tourists.


Other points of interest in Takayama are:

  • Takayama Museum of Art
  • Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall
  • Hida Daishonyudo Cave
  • Higashiyama Walking Course
  • Hirayuotaki Fall
  • Hida Takayama Museum
  • Lion Dance Ceremony Exhibition Hall
  • Okuhida Hot Spring
  • Ciao Ontake Snow Resort
  • Utsueshijuhattaki Falls
  • Takayama Betsuin Shorenji Temple
  • Okura Falls


Cuisine, Festivals and shopping in Takayama:

Takayamans enjoy their food and recipes which they cherish all through the day. Some of the local cuisines include noodles, soups and dishes made out of fresh sea foods like salmons, tuna and mackerel. Other menus include octopus dumplings, sushi, eels, crabs and jellyfish. Takayama is also famous for festivals like Takayama Floating Festival held at Takayama Festival Floating Exibition Hall which attracts many tourists across the world.


How to reach Takayama in Japan?

Takayama is well connected by road, rail and air transport. Regular bus services are available from Takayama to other major cities like Tokyo, Nagoya, Shizuoka and Yokohama at regular intervals. Takayama is also served with railway link through Takayama Main Line that connects Tokyo, Nagoya, Yokohama and Shizuoka very efficiently. The nearest major international airport is the Tokyo International Airport located about 298 kms from Takayama.


Hotels in Takayama:

Being a popular tourist destination for many international tourists, Takayama has some best reputed hotels offering utmost comfort and ambience to the tourists who take such accommodation facilities in such hotels. Visitors can select a hotel as per their choice, requirements and budget as hotels range from 1 star club to 7 star clubs in Takayama. Apart from offering fantastic accommodation options, they also serve authentic exotic cuisines and dishes which leave lasting impressions. List of hotels located in Takayama are:

  • Hotel Takayama Quan
  • Hotel Hagitakayama
  • Hida Hotel Plaza
  • Spa Hotel Alpina Hidatakayama
  • Hotel Associa Takayama Resort
  • Best Western Hotel Takayama
  • Hotel Wanosato
  • Takayama Green Hotel
  • Nakao Kougen Hotel
  • Hotel Hotaka
  • Hotakaso Yamano Hotel

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