Best Tourist Places to Visit in Baghdad, Iraq, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Baghdad, Iraq, Asia

Baghdad is the capital city of Republic of Iraq positioned at an altitude of 34 meters and is considered as the 2nd biggest city of Arab after Cairo of Egypt in population. It is believed that Baghdad was established in 762 AD by Abu Jafar al-Mansur.

Bagdad City occupies an area of 204 sq. km and is situated between 33°20′00″ north latitude and 44°26′00″ east longitude. The Postal code of Bagdad begins from 10001 to 10090. University of Baghdad is the leading university in the country and ranks second in the Arab world.


History of Bagdad:

There are several disputes about the origin of name Bagdad. According to Aramaic phrase, the meaning of Baghdad is ‘sheep enclosure’ and according to Persian Phrase, the meaning of Bagdad is ‘The gift of God’.


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Baghdad:

Bagdad has a strong cultural background and the cultural hub of the Arab. The important cultural centres of Bagdad include Iraqi National Orchestra and National Theatre of Iraq. Also the schools at Baghdad like Academy of Music and Institute of Fine Arts provide variety of cultural courses.

The popular dish of Baghdad include Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Kebab, Gauss, Bamieh, Quzi, Falafel, Kubbah, Masguf, Maqluba, Dolma and Mahshi. Baghdad City houses hotels from different regions of the world like Japan, Kuwait, Indonesia, Iran, UK, USA and Australia.

Bagdad is jam packed with full of international hotels, branded shopping centres, retail outlets, vehicle showrooms, handicraft centres, electrical and electronic centres.


How to reach Bagdad?

Bagdad hosts country’s leading international airport located about 30 kms from the centre of the City. There are daily air services available to major Arab countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia at Bagdad Airport. To travel within the city, Taxis and luxury buses are accessible at regular intervals.


Places to see in Bagdad:

The National Museum of Iraq:

The National Museum of Iraq also known as Iraq Museum is located in centre of Bagdad City with larger collection of valuable historical objects from the Mesopotamian civilization. The museum was established in the year 1926.


Albunneya Mosque:

Albunneya Mosque is another prime attraction of Bagdad located in Al-Alawi district. It was constructed in the year 1973 and has a very clean and calm surrounding.


Baghdad Zoo:

Baghdad Zoo is a top tourist destination of Iraq which occupies an area of 200 acres located in Baghdad City was inaugurated in the year 1971 and is home to more than 1070 animals. Baghdad Zoo is placed at 33.314845° N 44.376417° E.


The list of other tourist attractions near Bagdad is as follows:

  • Victory Arch
  • Baghdad Tower
  • Great Mosque of Kufa
  • Lake Habbaniyah
  • Al-Faw Palac
  • Swords of Qadisiyah
  • Al-Shaheed Monument
  • Umm al-Qura Mosque
  • The Al Kadhimain Shrine


Best time to visit Bagdad:

During the months of winter season is the ideal time to go Bagdad to visit historical worship places.


Accommodation Options in Bagdad:

Bagdad is the capital city of Iraq houses prime historical shrines and class monuments. The city is visited by millions of tourists annually from different regions of the world and the city houses abundance of star hotels, budgeted hotels and top international hotels. The hospitality services of the hotels of Bagdad are top compared to other regions of Iraq. The best hotels in Bagdad are:

  • Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel
  • Al Rasheed Hotel
  • Coral Boutique Hotel Baghdad
  • Rimal Hotel
  • Palestine International Hotel
  • Masbah Plaza Hotel
  • Uruk Hotel
  • Arasat Palace Hotel
  • Baghdad International Airport Hotel
  • La Petite Maison

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