Ramadi Tourist Places to Visit in Ramadi, Iraq, Asia

Ramadi Tourist Places to Visit in Ramadi, Iraq, Asia

Ramadi is the capital city of Al Anbar Governorate in central Iraq located at the coordinates 33°25′ N 43°18′ E. It is situated about 119 km west of Bagdad, the capital city of Iraq. Ramadi had a population of 483,209 according to the 2004 UN data. Fallujah and Haditha are the major cities of Al Anbar along with Ramadi.

Ramadi has an agricultural based economy and wheat, potatoes, autumn, barley, maize and fodder are the major agricultural crops grown in the regions of Ramadi. The important river flowing through Ramadi is Euphrates River.


History of Ramadi:

Before the 21st century, Ramadi had a large population of Jewish Community and after the Independence war of Iraq, most of the Jewish community people left Ramadi and migrated to Israel. Ramadi was founded by Ottoman Empire in the year 1869 and conquered by British forces during the World War I.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Ramadi:

Ramadi locals have special hand in preparing variety of delicious and tasty non vegetarian and vegetarian dish. Some characteristic ingredients of Ramadi cuisine include bulghur wheat, halloumi, baharat, za’atar, feta, lime, dates, figs, sesame, tamarind, honey, date syrup, sumac, pine nuts and quince. The special types of dish among the surrounding regions of Ramadi are Gauss, Falafel, Kubbah, Bamieh, Tabbouleh, Turshi, Muhammara and Ghormeh sabzi.

Ramadi houses several prominent mosques, dance and music schools and few fine arts teaching centres. In recent years, the people of Ramadi are getting attracted towards football and the city organizes football matches during the summer season.

Ramadi houses numerous branded shopping centers of clothes, shoes, electrical, electronic, jewelry, perfume, bags, handicraft and also home to Iran, Saudi Arabia and western countries style food corners all around the city to attract the foreign tourists.


Connectivity to Ramadi:

Ramadi is well connected by both air and road mode of transport services. Buses are easily available at Ramadi City centre to reach Bagdad, Basra, Mosul, Erbil and Najaf at regular intervals. Also Taxis are widely used in the city by both locals and tourists. The nearest airport to Ramadi is Bagdad International Airport located about 120 kms from the heart of Ramadi City. One can hire Taxi to reach airport early and safely.


Places to see in Ramadi:

Baghdad Zoo:

Baghdad Zoo was inaugurated in 1971 considered as the biggest zoo of Iraq located in Bagdad. This zoo houses few endangered mammals and is situated about 125 kms away from Ramadi City.


Al-Faw Palace:

Al-Faw Palace is also called as Water Palace because of its near proximity with Tigris River. The outer structure of the palace is a prime attraction and is still in good condition.


Al-Shaheed Monument:

Al-Shaheed Monument was constructed in the memorial of brave Iraqi warriors who expired in the Iran-Iraq war. This monument houses lecture hall, exhibition gallery, cafeteria, library and museum.


Other tourist attractions near Ramadi include:

  • National Museum of Iraq
  • Umm al-Qura Mosque
  • The Al Kadhimain Shrine
  • Swords of Qādisīyah
  • Monument to the Unknown Soldier
  • Lake Habbaniyah
  • Baghdad Tower
  • Great Mosque of Kufa


Ideal time to visit Ramadi:

Throughout the year is best, especially between November and February is the ideal time to visit Ramadi.


Accommodation options near Ramadi:

The best hotels in Ramadi and the national capital Bagdad (120 kms from Ramadi) are listed below:

  • Al Ramadi Hotel
  • Hotel California
  • Al Rasheed Hotel
  • Coral Boutique Hotel Baghdad
  • Rimal Hotel
  • Palestine International Hotel
  • Masbah Plaza Hotel
  • Uruk Hotel
  • Arasat Palace Hotel
  • Baghdad International Airport Hotel
  • La Petite Maison
  • Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel

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