Places to Visit in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, Asia

Places to Visit in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, Asia

Sulaymaniyah is a cultural capital of Kurdistan Region in Iraq positioned at an altitude of 882 meters. It is the capital city of Sulaymaniyah Governorate and is located about 332 km northeast of national capital Bagdad. Sulaymaniyah was founded by Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban in the year 1784. Sulaymaniyah experience a semi-arid climate and located at the coordinates 35°33′ N 45°26′ E.

Sulaymaniyah is bounded by Baranan Mountain to the south, Tasluja Hills on the west and Goyija Range, Qaiwan Range, and Azmer Range towards northeast.

Agriculture and oil production are the major economy sources of Sulaymaniyah and it exports higher majority of wheat to foreign countries. University of Sulaymaniyah and The American University of Iraq are the prime universities of Sulaymaniyah and the country as well.


History of Sulaymaniyah:

Sulaymaniyah named in the memory of Sulaiman Pasha, the father of Sulaymaniyah’s founder the Kurdish prince ‘Ibrahim Pasha Baban’. Sulaymaniyah was formed in the year 1784.


Food and Culture Sulaymaniyah:

Since 1992 Sulaymaniyah is constantly being recognized as the cultural capital of Kurdistan Region in Iraq. Sulaymaniyah people celebrate world music day annually. Compare to other regions of Iraq, Sulaymaniyah natives give more importance to cultural events and the city houses several ancient and modern cultural centres as well.

Food at Sulaymaniyah is slightly different compared to Bagdad, Mosul and Basra regions. The natives like mixture of vegetarian and non vegetarian dish and prepare food with lot of love and care. Sulaymaniyah is home to several famous Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Italian food corners.

Yaprax and Kofta are very prominent delicious dish in Sulaymaniyah and these are not available all around the city, tourists can only get in Sara Restaurant and this restaurant is also very much famous for Kebab, Goshty brzhaw, Brnj shla. For Pizza and Italian food Roma restaurant is popular, located in Tooy Malik. Pasha’s coffee is very nice available all around the city. The Zara Supermarket and Amazon Shop are the best shopping centres at Sulaymaniyah.


How to reach Sulaymaniyah?

Sulaymaniyah International Airport is one of the important airports of the Iraq with daily flights to Middle Eastern cities namely Amman, Doha, Beirut, Damascus, Dubai and European and Eastern countries cities like Frankfurt, Stockholm, Malmo, Munich and Eindhoven. Airport is located about 13 kms from the midpoint of Sulaymaniyah City. Tourists can hire Taxi to reach Airport at reasonable rent.


Tourist attractions in Sulaymaniyah:


Sulaimani Museum:

After the national museum in Baghdad, Sulaimani Museum is the biggest museum of Iraq located in Sulaymaniyah city. It has a large collection of Kurdish and ancient Persian historical objects.


Aram Gallery:

Aram Gallery is one of the best places for art lovers in Iraq. It is located in Sulaymaniyah, shows Kurdish and foreign films at night.


Zamwa Gallery:

Zamwa Gallery has a great collection of the works of the artists of Sulaymaniyah City situated in the centre of the city.


Other tourist attractions near Sulaymaniyah include:

  • Amna Suraka Museum
  • Chavy Tourism City
  • Newroz Amusement Park and Zoo
  • Daiyk Park
  • City Cinema
  • Bowling Center


Best time to visit Sulaymaniyah:

During the months of winter season is the ideal time to reach Sulaymaniyah to visit museum, park and zoo.


Accommodation Options near Sulaymaniyah:

The hotels of Sulaymaniyah provide facilities of air ticket bookings, pick up and drop to airport and swimming pool. The best hotels in Sulaymaniyah are as follows:

  • Sulaymani Palace
  • High Crest Hotel
  • Lalazar Hotel
  • Abu Sana Hotel
  • Grand Millennium Hotel
  • Shahram Hotel
  • Mihrako Hotel
  • Alborz Hotel
  • Assos Hotel
  • Shwan Hotel


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