Samtse Tourist Places to Visit in Samtse, Bhutan, Asia

Samtse Tourist Places to Visit in Samtse, Bhutan, Asia

Situated close to the Indian border, Samtse is a town in Samtse district Bhutan. It is the capital of Samtse district within Samdrup Jongkhar. Samtse is about 187 km from the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. Samtse is 850 feet above sea level. During the year 2012 the total population strength was recorded to be 5,480. The coordinates to Samtse are 2702’ N and 8905’ E.


People & Culture of Samtse:  

The local language of Samtse valley is known as Nepali because of the presence of the Nepali community in huge number and the place is also known as Lhotshampa. However the national language, Dzongkha is also spoken in Samtse. The culture of Nepalese and Indian has great influence in the region of Samtse.


Food and Shopping at Samtse:

There are hotels in Samtse specialized in catering multi-cuisines in Samtse that tingle the taste buds of their customers. Among the South Indian cuisines available in Samtse, Dosa happens to be the favorite.


Tourist Places in Samtse:

  • Wangchulo Dzong


Wangchulo Dzong is a fort built in the year 1915, after Dumchog Dzong turned to ruins.


  • Lhakhang Karpo and Nagpo


Lhakhang Karpo known as the White Temple and Lhakhang Nagpo known as Black Temple were built in the 7th century.


  • Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary


Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area and has an amazing flora and fauna.

Other places of interest in and around Samste are mentioned below:

  • The Valley of the Guardian Spirit
  • Tagchu Gompha
  • Shelkardrag
  • Haa Gompha
  • Juneydrag
  • Katsho Gompha
  • Drana Trashidingkhag
  • Yangto Gompha
  • Jamtoe Gompha


Means of Commutation to Samtse:


Tourists can avail inter-district at Thimpu from where buses to  Samtse are available. The travel time from Thimpu to Samtse takes at the least three days by bus. At Mongar and Trashigang there are services buses to Samtse but the journey begins only in the morning.


Railway station located at Siliguri in West Bengal within Indian country is the nearest rail link to Samtse. From here tourists or travelers have to head to the Bhutan Border Gate along with passes or visas.


Guwahati International Airport at Assam in India is located at a distance of 195 km from Samtse and is the only airport in proximity to Samtse.


Accommodation Options at Samtse:

Samtse is an amazing place for vacation in Bhutan. The tranquil surroundings and the fresh air make one feel rejuvenated. Three star hotels in Samtse rent luxurious rooms at a cost of $ 450 to $ 1000. Facilities such as free breakfast, laundry service, swimming pool, amusement parks, etc are provided to tourists by three star hotels in Samtse. Single room for rent at $55 and double room for rent at $75 are offered to tourist at Samtse in economy hotels:

  • Bajay Hotel, Zhemgang
  • Hotel Sonam
  • Dangkhar Traditional Lodge, Zhemgang
  • Chendebji Resort, Trongsa
  • Puenzhi Guest House, Trongsa
  • Tashi Ninjay Guest House, Trongsa
  • Norling Hotel, Trongsa
  • Raven Crown Resort, Trongsa
  • Yangkhil Resort, Trongsa
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