Tourist Places to Visit in Zhemgang, Bhutan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Zhemgang, Bhutan, Asia

Zhemgang is sited on the Asian continent in Bhutan. This town forms the center of administration of Zhemgang district. Zhemgang is 305 km away from the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. Zhemgang spans over an area of 2125 km2. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 27014’ N and 90039’ E.


People & Culture Zhemgang:

The local language of Zhemgang is known as Khengpa. However the national language Dzongkha is also spoken in Zhemgang. The culture of Nepalese and Indian has great influence over the regions of Zhemgang. Since Zhemgang is part of Bhutan, Archery is their national sport.


Food and Shopping Zhemgang:

The staple food of the region is rice. Both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies are available in this country. Every dish is prepared with a lot of spicy red hot chillies.

The markets of Zhemgang have plenty of wonderfully crafted artifacts to offer to buyers. Some of these are the colorful shawls, coats, and sweaters. The rugs made in Bhutan are famous worldwide. There are shops selling handcrafted exquisite gold and silver ornaments.


Tourist Places in Zhemgang:

Manas National Park


This is one of the richest natural habitats in the district. There are over 22 different species of animals located in this park.


Zhemgang Dzong


This fortress was created in the year 1163. This is the only fortress in the entire Zhemgang district.

There are many Lhakhangs in this district. The names of these Lhakhangs are Mithrub Lhakhang, Kuenrey Lhakhang, Lamai Goenkhang, Naib Lhakhang, Guru Lhankhang and Goenkhang.


Means of Commutation to Zhemgang:

Paro International Airport connects Bhutan to the rest of the world. Daily flights are available from countries like Nepal, Thailand, India and Singapore. Hence a tourist needs to carry to visas prior to departure. One can easily avail a visa from countries like Thailand and Nepal, whereas it takes two weeks to obtain a visa to Bhutan from the India. Zhemgang is at a distance of 350 km from Paro International Airport. From Paro Airport one can hire a taxi or board a bus.

Bhutan is connected to the Indian country via road. There are three entry points to Bhutan via India. These are Gelephu at the center, Phuntsholing at the western end and Samdrup Jongkhar at the eastern end. There is no entry from the China border to the country, Bhutan. The best route to enter Bhutan is through Phuntsholing. There are government run buses such as the Royal Bhutanese Government bus which facilitates transportation service for tourists to Phuentsholing from Kolkata’s Esplanade bus station, located in West Bengal state of Indian country. There are buses available at Siliguri which travels to Phuentsholing/Jaigaon.  From Phuentsholing, one can opt for a private bus or travel by taxi to Zhemgang.

Bhutan has plans in establishing a rail network with one of its neighboring country, India. New Jalpaiguri railway station located in Siliguri is another location in West Bengal, India which is most preferred among tourists travelling by land to Bhutan. Prior booking should be made to Siliguri since the place is popular among the locals.


Accommodation Options at Zhemgang:

There are few hotels in and around Zhemgang. The names of these hotels are listed below:

  • Bajay Hotel
  • Dangkhar Traditional Lodge
  • Hotel Sonam, Samtse
  • Chendebji Resort, Trongsa
  • Puenzhi Guest House, Trongsa
  • Tashi Ninjay Guest House, Trongsa
  • Norling Hotel, Trongsa
  • Raven Crown Resort, Trongsa
  • Yangkhil Resort, Trongsa

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