Best Tourist Places to Visit in Abovyan, Armenia, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Abovyan, Armenia, Asia

Abovyan also known as Abovian is a conurbation in the Kotayk region, Armenia. It is positioned just about 16 km north-east to the capital city of Yerevan and 36 km south-east to Hrazdan region. The city is believed to be spotless and is the best option for a weekend getaway, especially when you are visiting Yerevan. The city in recent periods has commercially developed and also houses several educational hubs. The city derived its title from the Armenian writer Khachatur Abovyan. It is positioned at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level.

Tourist Attractions in Abovyan


Merry-go-round is the unique feature of this place which cannot be found in other places of Armenia. The carrousels are reconstructed and made contemporary and the fares are very affordable.

Saint Stepanos Church

Saint Stepanos Church was constructed in the year. The cathedral is positioned in parish of Elar towards the southeast of the Abovyan City. The cathedral can be spotted in the vicinity of the catacombs and one can also see memorials in the yards.

It is alleged that the church has been renovated twice. The cross on the crest of the cathedral appeals to the people. Usually people just dissuade this place since it is located close by the graveyard.

Saint Hovhannes cathedral

The church was built due to the pressure of the residents of the city. Previously there was just one cathedral but due to the growing populaces another cathedral was built. The cathedral has five arenas and has risen in the heart of the city. The best feature of this church is that it can be sighted from every spot of the town. The structural design is chiefly about the national assets- archetypical design that comprises of the ethnicity of the Armenian structural design.

Abovyan City Stadium

Abovyan City Stadium houses the games such as the Rugby and Football.  The capacity of the stadium is around 5500 individuals.

Best season to visit Abovyan

The climate during the summers is very gentle and warm best time to visit for tourists. There is moderate rainfall in the monsoon season. The climate in the winter season tends to be very cold.

Accessibility to Abovyan

The City of Abovyan is positioned just about 14 km from the capital city Yerevan. Public and private transportations provide ample of buses from Yerevan. One can hire private taxis to go around the city.

Accommodation in Abovyan

Abovyan city has some well renowned hotels and resorts and one can come across eminent hotels across the city. The hotel rooms are planned as per the magnificence of the tourists with natural lightening and good-looking interiors. Amenities of the rooms include LCD flat-screen TVs, coffee/tea, dining room, mini-bar, refrigerator, lavatory, room service and more. List of top hotels in Abovyan is as follows:

  • Aviatrans Hotel
  • Erebuni Hotel
  • Ani Plaza Hotel
  • Penthouse Hotel & Hostel
  • Armenia Marriott Hotel
  • 14th Floor Hotel
  • Hotel Regineh
  • Hotel Ararat
  • Bass
  • Shirak Hotel
  • Hotel Regineh
  • Metropol
  • Hotel Olympia

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