Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Naryn is one of the provinces and also largest province out of the 8 provinces of the mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan or the Kyrgyz Republic of the CIS countries in Central Asia that became independent in 1991 from the Soviets. Naryn located to the South Center of Kyrgyzstan and is around 350 Km to the South East of the capital city of Biskek of Kyrgyzstan connected by the main road A365.  The Chinese country is to the East and South East of Naryn province. The Issy-Kul province is to the North East and Chuy Province to the North and Jalal-Abad province to the West and Osh province to the South West.


Naryn with an area of around 45000 Sq. Km is located in the Central Tian Shan mountains rising over 2000 meters to 6000 meters approximately above the sea level.  Naryn is a beautiful country with mountain gorge verdant green valleys and lakes of Son-Kul and Chatyr-Kul Lake and the tributaries of river Syrdarya the river Naryn flowing through these picturesque mountains province. Naryn is largely a mining province when the soviets were ruling.  The Central University of Asia was established in Naryn in the year 2000.



History of Naryn in Kyrgyzstan:


Naryn history dates back to prehistoric days of dwelling of cave man and was part of the Silk Route and a resting place for those traveling from the town of Kashgar in South China to the North to Issy-Kul on Silk Route. Naryn was Russian Military town in 19th century and presently it still serves as the army station for Kyrgyz Republic and Naryn has the customs check point at Torugart to the east on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China.


Food and Culture in Naryn in Kyrgyzstan:


The Kyrgyz food of Beshbarmak and the drink of Kumi fermented horses milk and fermented grain drink of maskym and various dairy products and animal meat and also those of horse meat are consumed in large quantities.  The consumption of liquors mostly the Vodka is consumed to beat the high altitude sickness.


The Russian culture and the architecture is still followed in Naryn with Russian language being the second language spoken widely along with Kyrgyz and various ethnic groups of Uzbeks, Tadijiks, Kazaks, Ughyrs etc. engaged in cotton cultivation and cattle rearing.



Shopping and Things to do in Naryn in Kyrgyzstan:


Shopping in Naryn is mainly done for the typical Kyrgyz hand-crafted items and the hand-woven Shydaks or the carpets and Kalpaks a form of felt hat made of leather and woolen clothing.


When at Naryn for those who want to observe the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys, one can drive up to the customs check post of Torugart at on the China border with restricted activities as it is mainly army area and certain areas are taboo to the tourists in the mountains of Central Tian Shan.



Tourist Attractions in and around Naryn in Kyrgyzstan:


There is no much of tourist attractions in Naryn except for the mountains there are certain places where the remains of the Russian influence can be noticed such as:


  • Song-Kul Lake and Chatyr-Kul Lake: The Second largest lake with after Issy-Kul It is around 85 Km from Naryn inhabited by rare flora and fauna.


  • Natural Reserve Forest: situated on the base of the Naryn Mountain protecting a species of deer.


  • Tas Rabat: The remains of the caravansary used by the Silk Road travelers are found on the Naryn – Bishkek Road that is around 120 Km.


  • Kara Kojun Gorge: 20 Km from Naryn good place for mountain climbers and trekkers.




Connectivity to Naryn in Kyrgyzstan:


Naryn can be reached from Bishkek which is around 350 Km to the North East by the Main Road A365 and also from the border town of Torugart on China Border is around 180 Km on Naryn-Bishkek highway.  As it is a mountains terrain there is no rail network and by flight the domestic airport in the mountains serves as airport to reach Naryn and for international flights Manas airport near Bishkek  which is 350 Km from Naryn is the airport.


Hotel Accommodation in Naryn in Kyrgyzstan:


  • Khan Tengri Hotel 4*
  • Celestial Mountains Guest House 3* (B&B) Hotel

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