Places to Visit in Tashkomur, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Places to Visit in Tashkomur, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Tashkomur is a small town in the Jalal-Abad province of Kyrgyz Republic or the land locked mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.  Tashkomur is located to the Northwest of Jalal-Abad city that is located to the West of Kyrgyzstan on the route M41 connecting the capital city of Bishkek in the North East in Chuy Province.  Tashkomur on the Western banks of the River Naryn and the Toktogul Reservoir located to the North of Tashkomur.  Tashkomur is located on the southern end of the Tian-Shan Mountains, from where the Fergana valley originates.


Tashkomur is around 6 km in length and about 0.5 Km in width stretching from North to South along the river Naryn. To the North of Tashkomur is the province of Talas and to the West is the province of Naryn and to the South the Osh province with the country of Uzbekistan to the west.



History of Tashkomur in Kyrgyzstan:


Tashkomur is known for its mineral ores and coal was mined extensively during the Soviet regime.  Tashkomur was a thriving town with many industries and that generated employment to many people living around the town of Tashkomur. The Tashkmour and Shamldysay dams that were built across the Naryn River were the source of the hydroelectricity.  Since the breakup of the Russian Confederation States in 1991 much of the industrial activities have ceased.  Tashkomur is a place of Paleontological interest since the finding of the fossils of the dinosaurs.


Food and Culture in Tashkomur in Kyrgyzstan:


Tashkomur has no much cultivated fields and the food consumed is the wheat products and the Kyrgyz food of Beshbarmak and the dairy products of the domesticated animals such as mare’s milk and fermented grain drink.


Kyrgyz people make majority of the population in the ethnic town of Tashkomur with Uzbeks and Russians following the suit and most of the Kyrgyz people have moved to various nearby countries seeking employment since independence in 1991 due to the closure of various industries. Cotton is the main crop that is cultivated vastly.



Shopping and Things to do in Tashkomur in Kyrgyzstan:


Tashkomur is not much of a tourist place and the shopping is done for the local items of shydaks a local variety of carpets and other local products unique to Tshkomur in the local markets.


In Taskmour one can visit the Paleontological sites where one can see the fossils of the Dinosaurs and trek to the Crocodile Mountain that over looks the Tashmour town.


Tourist Attractions in and around Tashkomur in Kyrgyzstan:


Tashkomur is not a tourist interest place and those interested in Paleontological studies, can get to known the first hand knowledge of the prehistoric life conditions, since the discovery of Dinosaurs fossils.


  • Dinosaurs Fossils: Tashkomur is the place where the Dinosaurs fossils are found and have supposed to have laid eggs.
  • Crocodile Mountains: A huge craggy mountain over looking Tashkmour town good place for trekking and climbing.


Connectivity to Tashkomur in Kyrgyzstan:


Tashkomur can be reached from Jalal-Abad via the route M41 which is around 150 Km to the North West and there are regular bus service to Tashkomur.  Bishkek can be reached via Jalal-Abad via route M41 which is to the North East and is around 750 Km.  Moreover for those traveling to southern locations of Osh provinces are restricted by Uzbek travel visas and has to take circuitous route via Jalalabad which is around 250 Km. There are no train services to Tashkomur and those who come to Tashkomur by flight the nearest domestic airport at a distance of 150 Km is the Jalal-Abad.



Hotel Accommodation in Tashkomur in Kyrgyzstan:


Hotel accommodation for tourist visiting Tashkomur is mainly in the city of

Jalal-Abad at a distance of 150 Km where there are quality hotels to stay.  For those travelers who are looking for adventure have the choice of staying in yurts – tents made of felts for camping.


  • Sputnik 3*
  • Roza Park Hotel 3* (B&B Hotel)
  • Spinghar Hotel

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