Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ipil, Philippines, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ipil, Philippines, Asia

Ipil is a capital of Zamboanga Sibugay province in Philippines, which covers an area of 91.10 Sq Kms, is situated on the Coast of Celebs Sea. Zamboanga Sibugay is one of the major provinces in Philippines and was established in the year 2001 and it covers an area of 3,607.8 Sq Kms and economy of the province depends on various small scale industries situated in the city.

Ipil is surrounded by Baliguian, Kalawit, Titay, Naga, Roseller T Lim and Kabasalan and zip of Ipil is 7001 and coordinates of Ipil are 7.7817° N, 122.5906° E.


Tourism in Ipil:

Ipil is a coastal town and one of the trading ports in Philippines and there are few places to visit in Ipil region like falls, islands and beaches visited by number of domestic tourists from all over the Philippines throughout the year. Mountains are situated along the beach which makes it the most charming place to visit in Philippines.


Food and Culture of Ipil:

Though Ipil is small coastal town there are number of restaurants situated along the beach and in and around the city which offers seafood and other delicious cuisines. Ipil hosts Kasikas Festival 1st of May every year and number of tourists gathers during the festival and other famed festival is Sibug.


Places to visit in Ipil:

Palina Falls:

This fall is situated at the distance of 15 Kms from centre of the city and one of the famed waterfalls in the city and it is bounded by breathtaking appeal, which attracts many visitors globally.


 Buluan Island:

To reach this island, tourists have to take 25 minutes boat ride from Ipil. This island is home for marine sanctuary with white sand beach and visited by number of tourists.


Provincial Capitol:

This is one of the unique governments building structure in the country famed for its common four walled government building visited by number of tourists everyday.


Moalboal Caves:

Moalboal Cave is situated at the distance of 14 Kms from Ipil city in Titay region and one of the well known and the largest caves in the Zamboanga Sibugay provinces and one of the most visited places in Ipil.


Other tourists Places in Ipil:

  • Bangaan Island Beach
  • Looc Labuan Beach
  • Eleven Islands
  • Tungawan Cave
  • Talusan Cave
  • Olutanga Island
  • Baluran Falls


Best Time to Visit Ipil:

Climate in Ipil is hot and humid throughout the year and best time to visit Ipil is between the months of December to February since the climate remains relevantly moderate.


How to Reach Ipil?

By Air:

Ipil is served by Ipil airport and the only airport in the province and airport operates few domestic flights to cities in Philippines is located less than 2 Kms from center of the city.


By Sea:

Zamboanga port is located in zamboanga City at the distance of 138 Kms from the city and one of the major ports in the city which connects to various cities and towns in Philippines.


By Road:

Ipil is located 135 Kms from Zamboanga City, Pagadian City, or Dipolog City these cities are accessible from the major airports and railway stations and from the airport it takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach Ipil city and buses ply from these city to Ipil and to get around the city tourists can avail the services of jeepneys, tricycles and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Ipil?

Ipil is one of the tourists destinations in Philippines visited by number of domestic tourists and some of the hotels are located along the beach and few hotels are located in the city which cost from $ 40 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the hotels in Ipil are listed below:

  • GV Hotels Ipil
  • Fortune Hotel
  • Mandarin Ipil Hotel
  • Ricomar Pensionne House
  • Xavier Pensionne House
  • Rodericks Resort and Pensionne House
  • Sorino Traveller’s Inn
  • Mikasa Pensionne House
  • Sibugay Grand Plaza Hotel

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