Tourist Places to Visit in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Asia

Bahawalpur is one of the districts of the Punjab province located to the East of Pakistan.  Bahawalpur with around 2400 Sq. Km area, is a administrative capital city of the Bahawalpur district located to Southeast of the Punjab province and is around 400 Km to the Southwest of Lahore, the capital of Punjab province and around 635 Km South of Islamabad the capital of Pakistan, on the Lahore – Islamabad Motorway main road M2.


Bahawalpur district with its total area of over 24800 Sq. Km is well known for its agricultural produces such as wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, mustard seeds etc. and vegetable and fruits.  Bahawalpur is being developed into an industrial hub by establishing agricultural related industries such as cotton ginning industries, sunflower seed oil extracting mills, paddy de-husking units, flour mills and fruit processing industries.  To the East of Bahawalpur is the Cholistan desert and Thar Desert of India and to the West and South is the Sindh Province and city of Multan at a distance of 95 Km is to the North.



History of Bahawalpur in Pakistan:


Bahawalpur was a princely state ruled by the Nawabs since late 18th century which was under the control of British Empire and proving allegiance to the British was allowed to rule independently and merging with the Pakistan during the country’s formation in 1947.  Bahawalpur being in Punjab province had a very long history since Indus valley civilization and later being ruled by the various dynasties till the Muslim majority princely state under the British rule was merged with Pakistan during the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947.



Food and Culture in Bahawalpur in Pakistan:


Food in Bahawalpur is mostly the wheat products that are consumed in large quantities as wheat is the main crop grown in the Bahawalpur regions and various local food stuffs such as nan, chappati, tandoori rotis with the drink of Lassi is famous among the local populace.


The cultural identity of Bahawalpur is the local people’s coexistence by following their own culture and customs speaking Punjabi and its variant dialects and the language of Saraiki, Haryanvi, Urdu, Baluchi etc. The majority of the people are followers of the Islam religion and all the Muslim festivals are conducted in religious fervor.



Shopping and Things to do in Bahawalpur in Pakistan:


Bahawalpur is located at a very strategic locations and this has made the city of Bahawalpur a shopping hub for its various products.  Bahawalpur has the Ghalla Mandi, the very old and large marketing place and also the Farid gate market where the famous local products filigree potteries, embroidered sandals, carpets and dress materials and jewelry items are purchased.


Bahawalpur has many places of tourist interests and those visiting the city can visit various tourist sites around such as palaces, forts, national park, ancient Indus valley civilization etc.



Tourist Attractions in Bahawalpur in Pakistan:


  • Palaces: Noor Mahal, Barbar Mahal, Sadiq Ghar Palace. The Noor Mahal is the well known for its Italian architecture, located on the Circular Road around 3 Km from Bahawalpur city.


  • Derawar Fort: Is and unique fort located around 95 Km in Cholistan Desert.


  • Indus valley civilization site: Ganweriwala, one of the unexcavated ancient cities of the Indus valley civilization.


  • Lal Sohanara National Park: The largest natural park having various desert and forest terrains situated around 20 Km from



Connectivity to Bahawalpur in Pakistan:


Bahawalpur is connected to the city of Multan at a distance of 85 Km by the local transports plying on the Route N5 and from the cities to the Northeast that are Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore by the Main Road E5, that are at a distance of 600 Km, 575 Km and 400 Km.   Bahawalpur has the railway station at Mubrakpur with train from Hyderabad in Sindh, Pakistan connecting Multan via Bahawalpur.  The domestic airport at Bahawalpur connects the flights from other cities.



Hotel Accommodation in Bahawalpur in Pakistan:


  • Pearl International Hotel’s – Hotel One 3*
  • Pak Continental Hotel 2*
  • Hotel Abaseen
  • New Bahawalpur Hotel
  • Luxury Hotel


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