Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pakistan, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pakistan, Asia

Pakistan or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan came in to existence on 14th of August 1947, craved out of the Muslim majority region of North Western Frontier and the East Bengal region in the Indian sub-continent of South Asia, which were under the control of British Monarchy.  The East Bengal region due to its ethnic differences with that of mainland Pakistan was constantly under the civil strife and got liberated from Pakistan in late 1971.


Pakistan with an area of approximately of 796000 Sq. Km is located around 34o North Latitude and around 73o East Longitude.  Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan located to the North East and the largest city being the port city of Karachi located to the South of Pakistan in the Gulf of Oman in Arabian Sea.  To the East of Pakistan is the county of India and to the West is the country of Afghanistan and the county of Iran bordering to the South West.  To the North Eastern tip of Pakistan is the ceded territory to China by the Pakistan.


Pakistan though a Federal Parliamentary Republic is under the constant threat of the military coup and plagued by the various radical Muslim terrorism and the insurgency along the Pakistan – Afghanistan border and containing the Taliban has stifled the progress of the nation of Pakistan.



History of Pakistan:


Pakistan, before it came into existence in 1947, was known as North Western Frontier Region, including Afghanistan under the British Monarchy.  The region was rich with various historical sites known for the location of ancient human civilization of Indus valley civilization at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa and the Vedic Civilization forming the base of the Hindu religion.  The place of Gandhar is mentioned in the Hindu epic of Mahabaratha.  The region of Pakistan is full with the history of various dynasties across the European and Asian continent ruling the region and the influences of culture and religion was evident before the Islamic culture took root in 700 AD.



Food and Culture in Pakistan:


The food of  Pakistanis are similar to that of the traditional food stuffs consumed across the states of North India with verities of wheat products consumed with hot and spicy non-vegetarian curries including the rice dishes. The drinks of Lassi and lime tea are consumed in various regions of Pakistan.


Pakistan is basically a Muslim country with tenets based on traditional Islamic teachings and it is the second largest Muslim country in the world. The Sunni Muslim community forms the largest group among the Islam followers, though Shia Community from the second largest Muslim community followed by Ahamadis, Baha’i’ faith and the less percentage Hindus, Christians Sikhs, Buddhism. Sufism is also followed by the people of Pakistan which was the tradition before the Arab invasion. All the three Muslim festivals are followed religiously in Pakistan.



Shopping and Things to do in Pakistan:


Shopping in Pakistan is mainly done for the traditional Pakistan dress of Salwar-Kameez worn by both male and females and also the artistic bridal wear and Jewelry items and leather foot wears.  The Raja Bazaar of Rawalpindi is the largest in Pakistan.


Pakistan has many places of tourist interests such as the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, the Pamir Mountain ranges, Badshai and other well known Mosques, Mohatta Palace, Trango Towers Lake Saiful Muluk Lahore fort Zoos etc.



Tourist Attractions in Pakistan:


Some of the tourist attraction around the cities of Pakistan is:


  • Rawal Lake: On the out skirts of Islamabad city and picnic spot.


  • Margallah Hills: A part of Himalayan Mountain range surrounding Islamabad of geological interests.


  • Badshahi Mosque: Known for its Artistic splendor located in Lahore.


  • Wagah Border: International border post between India and Pakistan located to East of Lahore.


  • Rohtas Fort: A large fort built by Moghuls in Rawalpindi.


  • Naga Parbat: The climbers paradise with camps located in Gigit.


  • Bhambore: Ancient ruins located near Karachi.


  • Taxila: Ancient ruins and an archaeological site located in Punjab region of Pakistan near Peshawar.


  • Harappa and Mohenjo-daro sites: The greatest archeological sites of Indus Valley Civilization located in Sind region of Pakistan.


Connectivity to Pakistan:


Pakistan is internationally connected with various international destinations by flights from European, US and Asian countries. By rail it is connected to India through Wagha border from Lahore but suspended due to intermittent terrorism affecting the two nation’s bilateral relationship.  There was good road connectivity to the regions from India before the formation of Pakistan that is now being revived through diplomatic channels by Indo-Pak Free Trade Agreement.


Hotel Accommodation in Pakistan:


  • Pearl Continental Hotel – Lahore, Karachi 5*
  • Qaser-e-Gul 5*
  • Sheraton Karachi Hotel 4*
  • Avari Hotel – Lahore 4*
  • Islamabad Serena Hotel – 4*
  • Islamabad Marriott Hotel 4*
  • Raj One Hotel – Faisalabad 4*
  • Midcity Hotel – Multan 4*
  • Ramada Plaza Karachi 3*
  • Mirage Hotel – Lahore 3*
  • Hospitality Inn 3*
  • Smart Hotel – Lahore 3*
  • Best Western Regency Hotel – Islamabad 2*
  • Flashman’s Hotel – Rawalpindi 2*
  • Hotel Maryton 2*
  • The Guest House – Islamabad
  • Fortalice – Multan (B& B Hotel)
  • Mawadda Inn


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