Tourist Places to Visit in Sokcho, South Korea, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Sokcho, South Korea, Asia

Sokcho is a city in Gangwon-do province in South Korea located on the north eastern part of South Korea. Sokcho is a beautiful city known as the gateway to Seoraksan National Park and populace of this region depend on fishing and tourism for their livelihood. There are number of malls, educational institutions, hospitals and commercial and residential establishments in the city.

Sokcho is surrounded by Goseong, Yangyang, Gangneung, Yanggu, Inje, Gangwon, Hwacheon, Chuncheon and Hongcheon. Sokcho is located at the distance of 160 Kms from the capital of South Korea Sokcho and coordinates of 38.2000° N, 128.5667° E.


Tourism in Sokcho:

Sokcho attracts numerous national and international travelers and there are number of beaches in Sokcho, which has a good status and attracts tourists. Tourists can take pleasure in natural hot springs in Sokcho and there is a golf course in the city which is admired because of the natural atmosphere. Sokcho is home for number of well conserved Buddhist shrines in the city and there are few lakes naturally formed by the sea and Seorak Cultural Festival is organized during the months of October and thousands of visitors gather during this festival.


Food and Culture of Sokcho:

Sokcho is famed for fresh fishes market and local restaurants in the city provides delicious and wide range of seafood at very normal price and there are few markets in the city from where tourists can buy wide range of artifacts.


Places to Visit in Sokcho:

Abai Village:

This is one of the famed villages across the city and village is located across the city and one need to hire a ferry to reach this village which is renowned for its delicious cuisine and natural surroundings.


Sokcho Beach:

This beach in Sokcho city is open only for 32 days from July 10 to August 20 and number of visitors gather at this time.


Other Places to Visit in Sokcho:

  • Yeongnangho Lake
  • Sea of Japan
  • Yeongrangho Lake
  • Sinheungsa Temple
  • Hyangseongsa temple
  • Yeonggeumjeong
  • Seorak Cultural Festival


Best time to Visit Sokcho:

Sokcho is famed for its beaches and thousands of tourists visit this beach throughout the year except in December and best time to visit Sokcho is between the months of April to November.


How to Reach Sokcho?

By Air:

Yangyang International Airport is located approx 80 Kms from Sokcho city and the nearest airport to Sokcho and this airport operates domestic and international flights to Dalian, Harbin, Shanghai, Pudong, Gwangju, Busan, Seoul and Gimpo cities.


By Train:

Sokcho is well connected through railway line and KTX high speed train ply to city from various parts of South Korea city and one of the major modes of transportations in the city.


Where to Stay in Sokcho?

Sokcho is famed for its beach and national park located near the city and Sokcho has hotels and resorts in the city and these hotels cost from $ 40 to $ 150 and above per night and offers world class facilities to customer. Some of the famed hotels in Sokcho are listed below:

  • Sorak Park
  • Maremons Hotel
  • Seorak Kensington Stars Hotel
  • Kumho Seorak Resort
  • Goodstay Galcheon Family Resort
  • Sorak Sunvalley Golf Resort
  • Sokcho Eastern Tourist Hotel
  • Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano
  • Naksan Airport Resort
  • Goodstay Soolim Motel
  • Goodstay Songwal Park
  • Seorak Morning Inn
  • Goodstay Grassland Resortel
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