Places to Visit in Jeongseon, South Korea, Asia

Places to Visit in Jeongseon, South Korea, Asia

Jeongseon is also known as Jeongseon-gun is a county in Gangwon Province in South Korea. Jeongseon is famed for traditional Korean folksong “Jeongseon Arirang” is the home town of Won Bin, actor and footballer Seol Ki-hyeon.

Jeongseon is divided into two administrative divisions namely Towns (eup) and Townships (myeon) and there are number of villages under these divisions. Jeongseon is surrounded by Pyeongchang, Yeongwol, Jecheon, Taebaek, Hoengseong, Wonju, Donghae, Samcheok and Gangneung is located at the distance of 210 Kms from Seoul, capital of South Korea and coordinates of Jeongseon is  37.3791° N and 128.6647° E.


Tourism in Jeongseon:

Jeongseon is a county in Gangwon province located at the distance of 70 Kms from the Gangwon Province. Jeongseon is a hilly region bounded by Rocky Mountains and tourists visit from various parts of the city to Jeongseon to trek and for mountain biking. Jeongseon is bounded by various natural mountains and these mountains are home for flora and fauna and several national parks are located in and around the Gangwon Province.


Food and Culture in Jeongseon:

Jeongseon is well-known for some of the delicious cuisine and there are some famous cuisines like Sundubu, Chobap, Roasted Hwangtae, Bibimbap, Hongcheon Hwarosutbulgui and Chodang Sundubu are few cuisines available in Jeongseon county and there are number of shopping malls in the county.


Places to Visit in Jeongseon:

Seorak-san National Park:

Seorak-san National Park is one of the prime attractions near the city and national park is visited by thousands of tourists around the world.


Hwanseon Cave:

This Cave is the biggest limestone cave in Asia and also renowned for the royal cavity and attractive structure. Hwanseon Cave is home for number of rare species and there is a waterfall near this cave.


Hwaam Mineral Spring:

This spring is situated in Dong-myon in Jeongseon and tourists visit this spring to cure skin related disease.


Aurji Lake:

This lake is situated in Buk-myeon in Jeongseon and the entire region is renowned for its charming, clean mountain and river.


Other interesting places to visit in Jeongseon:

  • Yongyeon Cave
  • Cheongok Natural Cave
  • Hwaam Cave
  • Saemtong Migratory Bird’s Sanctuary
  • Goseokjeong Pavilion
  • Jangsongmo Ceramic Research Center
  • Chiaksan National Park
  • Korea Botanic Garden
  • Sinheungsa Temple
  • Heundeulbawi Rock
  • Ode-san National Park


Best time to Visit Jeongseon:

Jeongseon is a hilly county bounded by mountains and climate is pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Jeongseon is between the months of May to November.


How to Reach Jeongseon?

By Air:

Yangyang International Airport is located at the distance of approx 90 Kms from the Jeongseon city is one of the major airports in the Gangwon province and this airport is accessible with domestic flights to Gwangju, Busan, Seoul and Gimpo.


By Sea:

Donghae port is located at the distance of approx 30 Kms from Jeongseon and this port serves the tourists to reach various cities in South Korea.

By Train:

Jeongseon is served by Jeongseon Station situated in the city and this railway line operates local trains and connects to various cities in South Korea.


By Road:

Jeongseon is well connected through road and there are number of public buses ply from various parts of city to Jeongseon and other local transport includes car, taxi, and bike.


Where to Stay in Jeongseon?

Jeongseon is mountainous city bounded by Rocky Mountains and there are plenty of staying options in and around the city and hotels in Jeongseon may cost from $ 30 to $ 100 and above per night and provides all the major facilities to customers. Some of the major hotels in and around the Jeongseon city are listed here below:

  • Dong Hotel
  • Pictured Rocks Hotel
  • Tues Amjang Hotel
  • Ivy Tourist Hotel
  • Lorne Hotel
  • Star Hotel
  • Hotel Highvill
  • Seasons Hotel
  • Phoenix Hotel
  • Moon Hotel
  • Hugh Tourist Hotel
  • Meyihil Resort

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