Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kunduz, Afghanistan, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kunduz, Afghanistan, Asia

Kunduz is a city located in Kunduz Province in Afghanistan surrounded by Mazari Sharif in west, Kabul towards south and Tajikistan in the north. Kunduz is sited on the Hind Kush Mountain Ranges at a height of 1283 feet above sea level. Kunduz coordinates with 36.44’ degree North Latitude and 68.52’ degree East Longitude.


Meaning & History of Kunduz:

It is said that Kunduz name was derived from Persian word kuhan which means ancient fort. Until 1960 Kunduz was the capital city of Qataqan which later became a part of Kunduz Province. During 3rd century A.D. Buddhism known to be flourished in this region and it was under the rule of Timurid dynasty for quite some time. Kunduz turned out to be one of the richest provinces during the rule of Sher Khan Nasher in early 20th century. Kunduz also came under the Taliban regime during early 20th century until the place was liberated by US armed forces who were successful in putting an end to Taliban rule.


Tourist attractions in and around Kunduz:

Kunduz is well known for its mosques that are built as per Mughal style of architecture. Kunduz is also renowned for parks which provide tranquil atmosphere most ideal for picnics and weekend retreats. Another notable feature for the tourists available in Kunduz is that they can enjoy a ride in colorful decorated horse carriage. Kunduz is also famous for shopping items like Persian carpets, clothes and embroidery related work.

Other nearest tourist attractions near Kunduz is Kabul which is 335 kms away from Kunduz. Tourists can visit the following places listed below in Kabul:

  • Minar-i- Istiqlal
  • Id Gah Mosque
  • Mausoleum of Timur Shah
  • Bala Hissar Fort
  • Minaret of Chakari
  • Kabul City Center
  • Kabul Golf Club
  • Kabul Zoo
  • OMAR Mine Museum
  • Paghman Gardens
  • Bagh-e- Babur Park
  • Bagli Bala Park
  • Bibi Mahro Park
  • Lake Qargha
  • Mausoleum of Zahir Shah & Nadir Shah
  • National Gallery of Afghanistan
  • National Museum of Afghanistan
  • Darul Aman Palace
  • Tomb of Babur


Cuisines, culture and people in Kunduz:

The tourists can look forward for some fantastic and tasty dining experience in Kunduz. One can taste the Afghan delicacies like mutton kabab, lamb kabab, beef roll, naan, soup, chicken kurma, lamb grill, lamb chops etc. The food served has a spicy flavor and the tourists can have their taste buds on fire when they taste some of the authentic Afghan cuisines.


Weather in Kunduz:

Kunduz experiences very subtropical hot weather conditions during summer that starts from mid May and lasts till late September. Kunduz receives very scanty rainfall as most of the region is covered by barren land and desert. Winters remain pleasant and cool in Kunduz and this is the most suitable time for the tourists to visit the place as the maximum temperature ranges around mid 30 degrees and minimum temperature drops to low of 10 degrees.

 Connectivity to Kunduz in Afghanistan:

Kunduz is well connected by road and air mode of transport. Frequent bus services are available from Kunduz towards Kabul, Kandhahar, Khost and other important cities. There are also plans to establish rail network between Kunduz and Kabul in the near future. Kunduz is also served by an airport which caters to charter and military aircrafts and the major nearest airport is Kabul International Airport sited 335 kms away from Kunduz where several daily domestic and international flights arrive and depart to various international destinations.


Hotels in Kunduz:

Kunduz hosts some good hotels offering decent and standard accommodation facilities to the tourists. The rates and the tariffs of the hotels differ from one to another and they vary from 1 star club to 5 star category. Some of the latest amenities provided by the hotels include, breakfast, spa, sauna, Turkish steam bath, 24 hrs help desk, supply of newspaper, lifts, elevators, escalators, medical shops, doctors on call, mini bar in every rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity etc. List of hotels in Kabul approx 335 kms from Kunduz is as follows:

  • Le Monde Guest House
  • Hotel The Baron
  • Hotel Diana Inn
  • Hotel InterContinental
  • Hotel Kabul Serena
  • Hotel Safi Landmark
  • Hotel Mustafa
  • Hotel Heetal Plaza
  • Hotel Capital Inn
  • Hotel Park Star
  • Hotel Maple Leaf Inn

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