Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Sheghnan, Afghanistan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Sheghnan, Afghanistan, Asia

Sheghnan is located in Badakhshnan Province in north-east sector of Afghanistan bound by Hindkush Mountains and Pamir Mountain Ranges. Sheghnan is surrounded by Kunduz towards west, Takhar in south, Tajikistan in north and Hindkush Mountain Ranges towards the east. Sheghnan is also connected by an airport lying on the border of Tajikistan having a runway of 2635 feet in length sited at an elevation of 6700 feet above sea level coordinating with 37.29’56” degree North Latitude and 71.30’25” degree East Longitude and Faizabad being the capital city of the Badakhshan Province.

 About Faizabad in Afghanistan:

Faizabad is the capital city located in Badakhshan Province and is one of the biggest cities present in this province lying at an altitude of 3900 feet above sea level near to Sheghnan. Majority of the population in Sheghnan includes Tajiks, besides one can also find other communities like Pashtuns, Uzbeks, Hazara and Turkmens settled in this city. The city of Sheghnan is located near river Kokcha and agriculture forms the main occupation of the locals living in Sheghnan.


Food, shopping and culture in Sheghnan:

Sheghnan is well known for old markets that are famous for knitted socks, souvenirs and lapis which are exclusively available in the bazaars located in Sheghnan. The place is also known for artificial jewellery items that are kept for public display as well as for sale. Tourists visiting Sheghnan are treated with exclusive lip smacking authentic Afghan food and dishes such as mutton biryanis, chicken biryanis, mutton rolls, mutton kurma, chicken kofta, spicy curries and gravies made out of mutton, chicken and beef. Many tourists just throng the street stalls to have a taste of some of the exquisite Afghan delicacies and dishes.


Climate & Economy in Sheghnan:

Sheghnan has hot and humid subtropical climatic conditions during summers and cold moderate weather in winters. The temperature during summer exceeds above 40 degrees and during winters the minimum temperature goes below -25 degrees Celsius. The city of Sheghnan is well known for the cultivation of crops such as rice, barley and wheat which are grown in the nearby paddy fields. Besides, Sheghnan is also famous for cotton goods, handicraft industries, gardens and orchards.


Connectivity to Sheghnan in Afghanistan:

Sheghnan is well connected by road and air modes of transport. Regular bus services are available from Kabul and Ghazni to Sheghnan at regular intervals. The nearest airport is Sheghnan Airport located 99 kms away from Faizabad. Other modes of local transport includes buses, jeeps, autos, camels rides and 5 seaters to travel from Sheghnan to nearby cities and towns located in Badakhshan Province.


Hotels in Sheghnan:

There are some good renowned hotels providing excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists in and around Sheghnan. Hotels range from 1 star to 5 star offering hosts of latest amenities and services like LCD monitors, room heaters, room coolers, undertake travel bookings, conduct package tours, saloon and spa facilities, airport shuttle, lift and elevators, mini bars, special diet menus on request on behalf of the tourists, wellness center etc. Hereby is the list of hotels in Kabul, the nearest city:

  • Hotel Park Star
  • Hotel Maple Leaf Inn
  • Le Monde Guest House
  • Hotel The Baron
  • Hotel Diana Inn
  • Hotel InterContinental
  • Hotel Kabul Serena
  • Hotel Safi Landmark
  • Hotel Mustafa
  • Hotel Heetal Plaza

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