Best Tourist Places to Visit in Uruzgan, Afghanistan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Uruzgan, Afghanistan, Europe

Uruzgan is one of the 34 Provinces situated in Afghanistan covering a total area of 12640 sq kms bound by Zabul, Kandahar in south, Helmand towards south-west, DayKundi in north and Ghazni Province in the east. Most of the region is covered with Rocky Mountains and terrains while only a few portion consists of fertile land. A large number of population belong to Pashtu community followed by Turks and Pashto is the widely spoken language of the locals living in Uruzgan. Uruzgan coordinates with 32.8’ degree North Latitude and 66.0’ degree East Longitude and Tarinkot being its capital city.


Uruzgan History:

Uruzgan came under the rule of Medes until it came under the rule of Achaemenids before Alexander the Great occupied the territory in 320 A.D. Uruzgan was also a part of Mauryans and was ruled by King Ashoka. The Arabs were first to arrive in Uruzgan in 7th century when they bought Islam to the region followed by Saffarids who conquered the place in 9th century. In the later stages Uruzgan fell to the hands of Ghaznavids, Ghurids, Timurids, Mongols and Mughals during 17th century. In the year 1709, Uruzgan came under the rule of Hotaki dynasty that rose to power at this time. Finally in the late 1994, Uruzgan was captured by Taliban forces and was in their rule for past 7 seven years until they were brought down in a fierce war that took place between Talibans and US led coalition forces in the year 2001.

Tourist attractions in Uruzgan:

As Uruzgan is located close to city of Kandahar, tourists can visit many places of interest located in city of Kandahar like;

  • Kandhahar Museum
  • Tomb of Ahmed Shah Durrani
  • Chilzina a rock cut chamber
  • Kandhahar Airport
  • Mausoleum of Mirwais Hotak
  • Shrine of Baba Wali
  • Arghandab River
  • Governor’s Mansion
  • Kandhahar University
  • Kandhahar Park
  • Kokaran Park
  • Baghi Pul Park


Cuisine, Culture and People in Uruzgan:

Uruzgan is quite well known for its rich culture and tradition. Many important Muslim festivals like Ramzan, Bakrid, IdulZua and Moharum are celebrated in a grand scale by the locals living in Uruzgan Province. The tourists can also go for long drives and trekking during their visit to Uruzgan. Uruzgan is also famous for street bazaars and local markets that sell soveneirs, jewellery items, Turkman hats and Afghan carpets and rugs. Besides, the tourists can also tickle their taste buds with some fine authentic Afghan dishes and recipes which are known for their aroma and taste. Some of the lip smacking dishes are naan, lamb in spinach, beef in spinach, chicken barbeque, grilled chicken, mutton gosh, dum mutton biryani etc which are worth tasting.


When to visit Uruzgan in Afghanistan?

The best season to visit Uruzgan will be during months of winter where the temperature remains cool and pleasant most of the time. Summers are very hot and sultry where the maximum temperature goes beyond 40 degree Celsius with hot breeze blowing across the region most of the time.


How to reach Uruzgan in Afghanistan?

Overall Uruzgan is well connected by road, rail and air means of transport. There are abundant bus services originating from Tarinkot, capital city of Uruzgan Province to several important cities and towns located in Afghanistan. Off late trains services have also been introduced from Tarinkot to Kandahar on daily basis. Tourists can catch a flight from Kandahar which is the nearest airport located 141 kms away from Uruzgan where many domestic and international flights operate from Kandahar Airport to many worldwide destinations.

 Where to stay in Uruzgan in Afghanistan?

Uruzgan Province has some good hotels that provide standard and economical accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the place from time to time. The hotels vary from 1 star rating to 5 star rating and offer the best accommodation services from the visitor’s point of view. Some of the top notch amenities include room heaters, room coolers, mini bars, laundry and dry-cleaning, arrange for package tours, 24 hrs help desk, waiting lounges, doctors on call, emergency relief measures etc. The list of hotels in Kandahar which is approx 141 kms from Uruzgan Province is listed below:

  • Hotel Continental Guest House
  • Hotel Armani
  • Hotel Kabul Darwaza
  • Hotel Le Kandhahar
  • Yasin International Guest House
  • Noor Jahan Hotelv

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