Thakhek Tourist Places to Visit in Thakhek, Laos, Asia

Thakhek Tourist Places to Visit in Thakhek, Laos, Asia

Thakhek is the capital city of Khammouane Province in Laos placed between 17°24′ N latitude and 104°48′ E longitude and is located about 337 km southeast of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It is placed on the banks of Mekong River and houses several French colonial manner official buildings, cottages and shopping centres.

Thakhek is one of the most important tobacco producing regions of the country along with Bolikhamsai and Savannakhet. Thakhek is also well known for its mining business and educational institutions. Catholic Church and That Sikhottabong are the major identities of Thakhek.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Thakhek:

Lao is the generally spoken language all over the country including Thakhek and also the locals have the knowledge of French and Vietnamese. The native of Thakhek are the big lovers of music and dance and they arranges cultural events monthly at the main cultural centres and temples of the city. The population of Thakhek comprises higher majority of Buddhists along with Christians and Hindus.

Thakhek populace follows diverse food culture and the locals have the cooking ideas of Chinese and Thai style. Bamboo shoots, Kaffir lime, Papaya, Tamarind leaf, Lemon grass, Coriander, Chile pepper, Mint and Garlic are the key ingredients of Thakhek Food. The restaurants serve tourists with their variety of food such as mee kati, mok pa, ping pa and Khao piak sen at reasonable prices.

Thakhek houses numerous handicraft and archeological item shops. Tourists can select handicraft products of wood, cloth and jewelry at the major shops of Thakhek at low prices. Also Thakhek houses several international food corners all around the city.


Connectivity to Thakhek:

Thakhek is well connected with road and airway with Oudomxay, Muong Sai, Pakse, Attopeu, Phongsaly, Saravane and Vientiane. Thakhek houses one airport located 2 kms from the midpoint of the city and air service available to Vientiane and other major cities of the country. Bus is the major mode of transport in Thakhek, available at Thakhek City Bus Stand regularly. One can hire Taxi to visit tourist spots.


Places to see in Thakhek:


That Sikhottabong:

That Sikhottabong also called as Sikhottabong Stupa is a prominent tourist attraction and it is believed that, this stupa, constructed by King Nanthasene and reconstructed by King Saysethathirath during the 15th century. The stupa include four squares, each side has a length of 25,030 meters and a height of 29 meters. The top of the stupa looks like banana flower and every third month according to the lunar calendar there is festival organized.

The Great Wall:

The Great Wall was constructed with full of hard stones located 8 kms away from the heart of Thakhek City. It has a length of 15 kilometers and is considered as one of the national heritage site.


Tad Kham Waterfall:

Tad Kham Waterfall is one of the favorite places of water sport lovers located about 52 kilometers from Thakhek.


The list of other special attractions near Thakhek:

  • Tad Nam Khengkam Waterfall
  • Wat Pha Sokkhamsene Temple
  • That Thumphavang Stupa


Ideal time to visit Thakhek:

From April to August is the best time to visit Thakhek to reach historical Buddhist temples.


Accommodation options near Thakhek:

The best well facilitated hotels and guest houses located in Thakhek Town are listed below:

  • Hotel Riveria
  • Thakhek Travel Lodge
  • Souksomboun Hotel
  • Inthira Hotel
  • Nong Boua Thong Hotel
  • Nakhonphanom River View Hotel
  • Windsor Hotel
  • Seng Houng Heaung Hotel
  • Phone Theb Hotel
  • Nong Soda Guesthouse
  • Saisouk Guest House
  • Grand Hotel
  • Souriya Hotel
  • Mae Nam Khong Grand View Hotel

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