Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kratie, Cambodia, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kratie, Cambodia, Asia

Kratie is the capital of Kratie province in Cambodia, Asia. Kratie province was the capital during the Chenla Era and during this era, numerous temples are built in this region and in 16th century Vihear Sasar Muayroy Pagoda was constructed. Kratie is situated on the banks of river Mekong and has rare dolphins, which makes this region very popular among the visitors. Kratie is bound by Stung Treng, Mondulkiri, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, Vietnam, Memot and Sen Monorom and Kratie is situated at the distance of 237 Kms from capital of Cambodia. Zip code of Kratie is 10109 and coordinates are 12.4800° N, 106.0300° E.

Tourism in Kratie:

Kratie is famous for the natural charisma and situated on the banks of river Mekong, which is the home for number of rare dolphins and tourists visit this region to take a glimpse of this rare dolphins. Kratie is most visited by locals and tourists from various parts of the world, because of its natural beauty and temples. There are various food stalls available in Kratie and serves various Khem, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.

Places to visit in Kratie:

Chruoy Rey:

It is located in Kantring village renowned for historical locations and thousands of tourists visit this region throughout the year and there are important buildings at the impressive historical sites.

Dolphin Habitat:

Kratie is identified for its dolphins, wildlife and natural charm. Government of Cambodia has taken the initiative of preserving the dolphins and thousands of tourists gather to take the glimpse of dolphins.

 Irrawaddy Dolphins:

These are rare dolphins found in Mekong River, which is stretch along the Kratie city and there are only few Irrawaddy dolphins found in this region.

Phnom Preah:

It is a charming wildlife and bound by natural prettiness, fascinating local as well as overseas tourists equally and it is the prime attractions in Kratie.

Other places to visit in Kratie:

  • Kampi Resort
  • Koh Pdao
  • Phnom Sam Bok Resort
  • Phnom Sopor Kaley
  • Sambor Town
  • Wat Sray Sahn-tah-rah-boh
  • Wat Vihear Kuk
  • Waterfall of Cham Pey

Best time to visit Kratie:

Cambodia has pleasant climate throughout the year but tourists are advised to avoid the rainy season, because of landslide and best time to visit Kratie is between the months of October to March.

How to Reach Kratie?

By Air: Nearest airport is Phnom Penh International airport, located at the distance of 248 Kms from Kratie, connect to cities like Kulala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing Hong Kong, Singapore, Vientiane, Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap cities and few other cities in Asian continent.

By Road: number of buses, Share taxis, and taxis are available from Phnom Penh to Kratie and vehicles are available from various cities as well. Motorcycle is also available on rent from various cities and towns in Cambodia and tourists can rent motorcycles.

By Sea: if heading from Kampong Cham, tourists can take a bullet boat from kampong Cham and it is the best way to reach kampong Cham to Kratie.

Hotels in Kratie:

Kratie is famed for the dolphin and charming surroundings and most of the tourists visit this region to take a glimpse of dolphin. Hotels in Kratie provides all the amenities like TV, hot water, western bath and various other amenities and these hotels prices from 3 USD to 35 USD. Some of the prominent hotels in Kratie are as follows:

  • Rajabori Villas Resort
  • Le Bungalow Hotel
  • Balcony Guesthouse
  • Relais de Chhlong
  • Phnom Meas Guesthouse
  • Soksan Guesthouse
  • Nyta Guesthouse
  • Heng Heng Guesthouse and Restaurant
  • You Hong Guesthouse
  • Riverside Hotel
  • Ly Cheu Hotel
  • Morhaoutdom Hotel
  • Arun Mekong Guesthouse
  • Oudom Sambath Hotel

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