Places to Visit in Stung Treng, Cambodia, Asia

Places to Visit in Stung Treng, Cambodia, Asia

Stung Treng is a capital city of Stung Treng province and it is situated on the western part of Cambodia. Stung Treng is situated on the banks of Rivers Mekong and Se Kong. Stung Treng was the part of Khmer Empire and later it is was ruled by Lao Kingdom and in the year 1904 Stung Treng was recovered to Cambodia by French Indochina. Stung Treng is surrounded by Muang Khong, Limphat, Kratie, Ratanakiri, Mundulkiri, and Tbaeng Meanchey and Stung Treng is located at the distance of 400 Kms from Stung Treng. Zip code of Stung Treng is 19251 and coordinates are 13.5167° N, 105.9667° E.

Tourism in Stung Treng:

Stung Treng has various rivers and bounded by natural charm and tourists visit this province to be the part of the major rivers that follow through this region namely Mekong and Se Kong River which is home for various fish species and dolphins and one of the fast developing tourism attractions. There are few restaurants in the town which offers delicious food like Khmer, Chinese and Lao and Cambodian food is also available in few hotels. There is nothing much to buy in this region.

Places to visit in Stung Treng:

Fresh Water Dolphin:

Only few dolphins are found in Stung Treng and tourists visit this region to take the glimpse of these dolphins and they travel in group and this region is the prime attraction in this province.

Hang Kho Ba Pagoda:

Is located at the distance of 5 Kms from Stung Treng in Hang Kho Ba village and it is a historical and cultural site and this Pagoda is about 300 years old and visited by many locals.

Kantuy Ko:

This is surrounded by charming landscape and fresh water lake and tourists visit this site to take pleasure of nature and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Stung Treng.

Phnom Preah Theat:

Is identified for the wildlife sanctuary and it is located at the distance of 3 Kms from Stung Treng and it is the home for numerous unique and rare species and bounded by dense forests and charming courtyard.

Other places to visit in Stung Treng:

  • Koh Ksach Resort
  • Mekong Discovery Trail
  • Mekong River Trip to Laos
  • Ou Pong Moan Resort
  • Preah Ko Temple
  • Pream Buorn Lveng Temple
  • Thala Barivat Resort
  • Wat Phnom, Stung Treng

Best time to visit Stung Treng:

Stung Treng receives the hot and humid temperature during the summer season, but the best time to visit Stung Treng is between the months of October to March.

How to Reach Stung Treng?

By Air: nearest airport is Phnom Penh International Airport, located at the distance of 405 Kms from stung Treng province and this airport operates domestic and international flights to cities like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing Hong Kong, Singapore, Vientiane, Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap cities and few other cities in Asian continent.

By Road: buses, Share Taxis and Pick up are available from Phnom Penh to Stung Treng and tourists who want to enjoy the road trip can rent a motorcycle from Phnom Penh.

Hotels in Stung Treng:

Stung Treng is identified for its natural charm, river side villages and river which flow through this province. Hotels in Stung Treng are located on the river side and have western amenities and these hotels price from $ 7 to 30 per night. Some of the prominent hotels in Stung Treng are listed below:

  • Sekong Hotel
  • Sok Sambath Hotel
  • Mohasal Hotel
  • Preap Sor Guesthouse
  • Riverside Guesthouse
  • Amatak Guesthouse
  • Golden River Hotel
  • Mekong Bird Lodge
  • Ou dynak Red Guesthouse
  • Tonle Tourism Training Centre
  • Kong Ratana Sambath Guesthouse
  • Sok Sambath Hotel

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