Places to Visit in Mundulkiri, Cambodia, Asia

Places to Visit in Mundulkiri, Cambodia, Asia

Mundulkiri is a mountain region in Mundulkiri province in Cambodia and one of the largest populated provinces in Cambodia and it is enclosed by mountains and forest region, which makes it a popular tourist destinations. Economy of Mundulkiri depends on rice, fruits trees, vegetables, coffee, rubber and various other crops cultivation. Mundulkiri is surrounded by Kratie, Stung Treng, Ratankiri, Vietnam, Memot and Lumphat and it is located at the distance of 413 Kms from capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh. Mundulkiri coordinates are 12.450° N, 107.200° E.

Tourism in Mundulkiri:

Mundulkiri is located in the lap of nature and tourists can visit number of attractions in this region and there are mountains surrounded by the province and forest makes the city more attractive and waterfalls in Mundulkiri add the advantage to be the best place to visit in Cambodia. Some of the forest areas in this region are untouched by the humans and these forests are home for number flora and fauna.

Places to visit in Mundulkiri:

Bou Sra Waterfall:       

This waterfall is considered as the most charming and an attractive waterfall in Mundulkiri province and it is situated at the distance of 40 Kms from Mundulkiri in Pich Chenda district.

Memang Gold Mines Area:

This place is famed for the natural charm and beauties and visit by thousands of tourists from all over the world and it is located between the forest regions and trekking is most popular among the tourists.

Phnom Nam Lear Sanctury:

This sanctuary is located at the distance of 70 Kms from Mundulkiri province and it is of the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the nature and this sanctuary is home of numerous flora and fauna.

Old & New Wat:

This is one of the famous temples in Mundulkiri and there are two temples, old temple is made up of wood and next to it new temple is constructed.

Other places to visit in Mundulkiri:

  • Taing Laing Waterfall
  • Pahlung Village
  • Phnom Kraol Cultural Resort
  • Phnom Prich Sanctuary
  • Plantation of Pine trees
  • Pou Lung Village
  • Riverside
  • Rum Near Waterfall
  • Sen Monorum Waterfall
  • Yok Sros Phlom
  • Chrey Thom Waterfall

Best time to visit Mundulkiri:

Mundulkiri is bounded by mountains and forest area and climate will be pleasant when compared to other provinces in Cambodia and best time to visit is between the months of October to March.

How to Reach Mundulkiri?

By Air: there is no airport in Mundulkiri and nearest airport is Phnom Penh International airport, located 425 Kms away from Mundulkiri, and this airport connect to cities like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing Hong Kong, Singapore, Vientiane, Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap cities and few other cities in Asian continent.

By Road: roads are well developed from Phnom Penh to Mundulkiri and buses are available from various provinces to Mundulkiri. If tourists want to travel by Motorcycle, it will take 2 days but the journey will be exciting travelling from Phnom Penh.

Hotels in Mundulkiri:

Mundulkiri is famous for its natural charm, mountains, waterfalls and various natural landscapes. Hotels, guesthouses and lodges in Mundulkiri offer attractive packages to tourists and provide good services to customers and these hotels cost from $ 8 to $ 30 per night. Some of the major hotels in Mundulkiri are as follows:

  • Mundulkiri Hotel & Restaurant
  • Oeun Sakona Hotel & Restaurant
  • Long Vibol Guest House and Restaurant
  • Pich Kiri
  • Holiday Guesthouse
  • Arun Reah 2 Guesthouse
  • Nature Lodge
  • Phanyro Guest House
  • Green House Guest House
  • Emario Mundulkiri Hotel

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