Tourist Places to Visit in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Asia

Sihanoukville is a province in Cambodia and it is also indentified as Kampong Saom, located on the Gulf of Thailand. Sihanoukville is located in the coastal area and one of the major tourist attractions in Cambodia and Sihanoukville was established in the year 1964 and was the trading port since then.

Sihanoukville is surrounded by Kaoh Ta Kiey, Kaoh Ruessel, Kampot, Kompong Trach, Chhuk, Kampong Speu and Koh Rong and Sihanoukville is located at the distance of 174 Kms from capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Zip code of Sihanoukville is 18000 and coordinates are 10.6333° N, 103.5000° E.

Tourism in Sihanoukville:

Sihanoukville is located on the Gulf of Thailand, on the southern part of Cambodia and it is has few Islands and beaches and waterfalls and it is the major port in Cambodia. Sihanoukville is developing in tourism sector and there are few small mountains from where tourists can get the clear view of the area and beautiful landscapes and beaches. Best way to visit the city is by motorcycle and as Sihanoukville is located on the seashore, food is the not the concern at all, there are plenty of food stalls and restaurants, which offers delicious fish meal and seafood and there are number of shacks which provides tasty and reasonable barbecue. There are only few things tourists can buy from this province like Cambodian arts and crafts, jewellery, textiles and other stuffs.


Places to visit in Sihanoukville:

Deum Chhrey Beach:

This beach is situated in front of city hall and it is identified for charming park enclosed by statues and few of the tourists swim in this beach, as there are number of restaurants in front of the beach.

Kbal Chhay Waterfall:

This is one of the major waterfalls in Sihanoukville and located at the distance of 14 Kms from this province in Khan Prey Nup and this waterfall was discovered in the year 1960.

Koh Rong Island:

This island is located 38 Kms away from Sihanoukville and tourists must hire a boat to reach this island and it is untouched by the humans and it is one of the fast developing tourist destinations in Cambodia.

Independence Beach:

This beach stretches more than km and one of the clean and fresh beaches in Sihanoukville and also the most visited beaches in Cambodia.

Other places to visit in Sihanoukville:

  • Koh Pors
  • Ochheuteal Beach
  • Otres Beach
  • Phnom Leu
  • Picnic Resort
  • Prampi Chaon Beach
  • Prek Treng Beach
  • Ream Beach

Best time to visit Sihanoukville:

Sihanoukville is located on seashore and it is hot and humid during the summer, best time to visit Sihanoukville is between the months of October to March.

How to Reach Sihanoukville?

By Air: Sihanoukville is served by Sihanoukville International Airport which is located at the distance of 35 Kms from center of the city and operational with domestic flights to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and from these two airports, tourists can travel many Asian cities.

By Road: buses, mini buses, share taxis, taxis are available from several parts of Cambodia and to Sihanoukville and roads are good to Sihanoukville and motorcycles are available for rent in some hotels to tourists to visit the villages nearby.

By Boat: boats are available from Krong Koh Kong to Sihanoukville and it is worth taking a ride in boat, as tourists can come across various natural resources and beaches.

Hotels in Sihanoukville:

Sihanoukville is located on Gulf of Thailand enclosed by beaches, island and small mountains. Plenty of hotels are available in Sihanoukville and price range from $ 7 to $ 150 per night and offers all the facilities to visitors. Some of the major hotels in Sihanoukville are as follows:

  • Song Saa Private Island
  • Coolabah Hotel
  • Beach Club Resort
  • Independence Hotel, Resort & Spa
  • Sokha Beach Resort
  • Orchidee Guest House
  • Holiday Palace Resort & Casino
  • Serendipity Beach Resort
  • Ponleu Reas Thmey Hotel
  • OC Boutique Hotel
  • Sunday Guest House

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