Best Tourist Places to Visit in Puerto Galera, Philippines, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Puerto Galera, Philippines, Asia

Puerto Galera is a town in Oriental Mindoro province in Philippines situated towards the northern part of the province. Puerto Galera covers an area of 247.9 Sq Kms and subdivided into 13 barangays and business, agriculture and commercial sectors are playing a major role in expansion of economy.

Puerto Galera is surrounded by Abra De Ilog, San Teodoro, Mamburao, Baco, Calapan City, Verde Island, Pinagsabangan and Santa Cruz and situated at the distance of 140 Kms from the capital of Philippines, Manila and coordinates of Puerto Galera are 13.5000° N, 120.9542° E.


Tourism in Puerto Galera:

Puerto Galera is one of the famed beaches in Philippines surrounded by mountains, valleys, falls and coral reefs and there are few islands near the Puerto Galera which is visited by number of tourists for scuba diving and tourists can take pleasure in beach activities and seafood along the beach is mouthwatering.


Places to visit in Puerto Galera:

Aninuan Beach:

This beach is situated next to White beach and one of the stunning beaches in Puerto Galera surrounded by small rock.


Paniquian Island:

This island is famed for its coral reef and most of the tourists visit this island through scuba diving and tourists must hire a boat to reach the island.


Tamaraw Falls:

This fall is situated at the distance of 16 Kms from Puerto Galera and there is beach near the waterfall which makes it pleasant to visit.


Mangyan Village:

This village is situated in the mountain of Mindoro and tourists will come across Nomadic people who follow their own culture and tradition.


Reptile Zoo:

This zoo is situated few Kms away from Puerto Galera and visited by reptile lovers and there are wide range of reptiles in the zoo.


Other tourists Places in Puerto Galera:

  • Talipanan Falls
  • Muelle Bay
  • Alag Riverbank
  • Hidden Valley
  • Lush Forests
  • Aninuan Falls
  • White Beach
  • Coco Beach
  • Encenada Beach
  • Boquete Island


Best Time to Visit Puerto Galera:

Puerto Galera is famed for its beaches and best time to visit Puerto Galera is between the months of November to March.


How to Reach Puerto Galera?

By Air:

Nearest airport is Mamburao Airport situated at the distance of 70 Kms from the center of the town and this airport operates domestic flights to Cebu and Manila cities frequently and from airport tourists can avail taxi services to reach Puerto Galera.


By Sea:

Puerto Galera is served by port and this is one of the major ports in the island which is connected to Manila and other neighboring cities.


By Road:

To get around the city there are public and private buses accessible from the islands from one town to other frequently and other major local transportations in the islands are jeepney, motorcycle, taxi, tricycles and bicycles.


Where to Stay in Puerto Galera?

Puerto Galera is famed for its beaches and hotels in Puerto Galera are for all the kinds of tourists and cost from $ 15 to $ 150 and above per night. Some of the hotels in Puerto Galera are listed here below:

  • The Manor at Puerto Galera
  • Utopia Resort and Spa
  • Buri Resort and Spa
  • Swengland Beach Resort
  • Blue Ribbon Dive Resort
  • Sea Jewel Beach Resort
  • Mermaid Resort Puerto Galera
  • Club Mabuhay Lalaguna Resort
  • Elizabeth’s Hideaway Hotel & Restaurant
  • Angelyn’s Dive Resort
  • Tropicana Castle Dive Resort
  • Portofino Beach Resort
  • Campbell’s Beach Resort

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