Tourist Places to Visit in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, Asia

Narayanganj is a city located in Narayanganj District in central Bangladesh on the banks of River Shitalakshya at a height of 3 meters above the mean level of sea. Because of the larger existence of jute mills, Narayanganj is popularly called as “the Dundee of Bangladesh”. Narayanganj City covers an area of 759.57 sq. km. and it is located between 23°37′ N latitude and 90°30′ E longitude.

Narayanganj is one of the industrial towns of the country home to several industries such as jute trade and processing plants and textile industries. Also Narayanganj is well known for International trading, Import and export business. Agriculture is the main economy source of rural areas of Narayanganj District.


History of Narayanganj:

Narayanganj derives its name from a Hindu spiritual head Lakhsmi Narayan Thakur. In the year 1876, Narayanganj Municipality was inaugurated and Narayanganj Victoria Hospital is the famous hospital incorporated in the year 1885.


Culture of Narayanganj:

Narayanganj accounts 84% of Muslim population followed by 12.5% of Hindus, 2.5% of Christians and 0.5% of Buddhists. Narayanganj District is home to more than 250 temples, 3000 mosques, 4 Buddhist monastery and about 10 churches.


Food and Shopping in Narayanganj:

The special type of Narayanganj sweet items include Kalo Jaam, Pheerni, Chomchom, Peetha- rice cakes, Shemai, Roshomalai, Jeelapi and Amriti and the different dishes of Narayanganj are Samosa, Achar, Fuchka, Lassi, Peetha, Luchi and Paratha.

Narayanganj is well known for the production of special type of cloth ‘Muslin’. Other than Muslin production, Narayanganj is famous for handicraft product shops and archeological centres.


Connectivity to Narayanganj:

Due to the near proximity with national capital Dhaka (15 km), Narayanganj has got good connectivity with all around the country. There are regular buses plying between Narayanganj and Dhaka City. One can catch buses easily at Chashara Bus Stand, Narayanganj Bus Stand and Dhaka City Bus Stand.

The nearest railway stations to Narayanganj are Fatulla Railway Station (5 km), Pagla Railway Station (8 km) and Gandaria Railway Station (12 km). Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka is the nearest and accessible airport to Narayanganj located about 33 kms distance.


Places to see near Narayanganj:


Bangladesh National Museum:

Bangladesh National Museum is located in Dhaka City, inaugurated on 7 August 1913, a museum with beautiful paintings, metal images and ancient coins. A big figurine of the Royal Bengal Tiger is placed in the first floor of the building.

Between the months of April and September, the museum will be open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and between October and March, the museum will be open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The museum is open from Saturday to Wednesday only.


Ramna Park:

Ramna Park is situated in the centre of Dhaka City. The park covers an area of 68.50 acres houses perennials, 34 species of therapeutic plants, shrubs and more than 42 species of forestry.


Baldha Garden:

Baldha Garden occupies an area of 3.15 acres situated in Wari region. This garden was established by Narenda Narayan Chawdhury and the garden houses more than 672 species of plants.


The list of other tourist attractions near Narayanganj is as follows:

  • Ahsan Manzil
  • Bahadur Shah Park
  • Baitul Mukarram
  • Church of Bangladesh
  • Curzon Hall
  • Fantasy Kingdom Amusement Park
  • Dhaka Zoo
  • Dhakeshwari Temple


Ideal time to visit Narayanganj:

From September to February is the best time to visit Narayanganj to reach historical places.


Accommodation options near Narayanganj:

The luxury hotels situated in Narayanganj and Dhaka City (15 km away from Narayanganj) are as follows:

  • Ruposhi Bangla Hotel
  • The Westin Dhaka
  • Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka Hotel
  • Regency Dhaka
  • Hotel Purbani International Ltd
  • Ananda Hotel
  • Ascott The Residence
  • Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel
  • Hotel Sarina
  • La Vinci
  • Dhaka Sheraton Hotel

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