Astana Tourist Places to Visit in Astana, Kazakhstan, Asia

Astana Tourist Places to Visit in Astana, Kazakhstan, Asia

Astana is sited on the Asian continent in the northern region of the country, Kazakhstan. Formed in the year 1997, Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan and all the major government activities are carried out in the capital city that helps in the growth of economy. The place is 347 meters above the sea level. The geographical coordinates place Astana at 51010’00” N and 71026’0” E. Astana spans over an area of 722 km2.


Climate of Astana:

During summer season the average temperature is 350C and in winter temperature drops to -350C.


History of Astana:

In the year 1824, a grand fort was created in the upper Ishim by the Siberian Cossacks whose origin points to Omsk. This was the era when Kazakhstan was under the Russian and Soviet rule. The place was then known as ‘Akmolinsk town’. With the setting up of rail links in the town, the region prospered in trade and commercial activities which ended with the onset of the Civil War in Russia. There was a camp known as ALZHIR camp which was built on the outskirts of Astana. These camps were meant for women who were spouses of the traitors of the Russian country. In the year 1961, Akmolinsk town name was changed to ‘Tselinograd’ and was the capital city of Tselinny Krai. The year 1990, marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Kazakhstan wherein Kazakhstan was formed as the separate country. The name of the place Tselinny Krai was changed to Akmola and Almaty was the then Capital City of Kazakhstan. In the year 1997, Astana was made the new capital city of Kazakhstan.


Food and Shopping at Astana:

Astana serves both continental and non-continental cuisines. Cuisines prepared from Lamb, Horse meat and pasta dish are the favorite among the locals. There are some well known shopping centers in the capital city, Astana, of Kazakhstan. The names of such shopping centers are mentioned here below:

  • Mega Center Shopping Mall
  • Saryarka Shopping Center
  • Carlo Pazolini
  • Artyom Shopping Center


Tourist Places in Astana:  

  • Ishim River Waterfront
  • Oceanarium
  • Astana Central National Mosque
  • Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Bayterek Tower
  • Presidential center of Culture
  • The S. Seifullin Museum
  • Churh of Constantine and Helena
  • Green Mosque Fence


Means of Commutation to Astana:

Astana is well connected via roadways to various places within the country, Kazakhstan and public and private buses ply in and around the city serving the populace of the region.

Astana is well connected by railways to neighboring places and places within Kazakhstan. The Astana Railway Station is the major railway station in northern region has trains commuting passengers to cities within the country such as Almaty. There are also cross-border trains commuting passengers to countries like Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Russia only once in a week. There are also international trains daily available to Urumqi in China.

Astana International Airport is one of the major airports in the country which connects to various cities in the world. The Astana International Airport, located at the distance of 18 kms from the city, caters to flights arriving and departing to places around the world and is located south at a distance of 15 km from Astana central.


Accommodation Options at Astana:

Astana hosts plentiful deluxe hotels and resorts exclusively designed for utmost comfort of the guests and facilities offered by the hotels include pub, bar, room heaters, spa and so on and cost from $ 10 to $ 500 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Tardy Kurgan are listed here below:

  • Radisson Hotel
  • Rixos President Astana Hotel
  • Ramada Plaza Astana
  • Grand Park Esil
  • Manhattan Astana Hotel
  • Oasis Inn
  • Comfort Hotel Astana
  • Jumbaktas
  • G Empire Hotel
  • Vintage Boutique Hotel

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