Tourist Places to Visit in Wenzhou, China, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Wenzhou, China, Asia

Wenzhou is sited on the Asian continent in the southwest region of the country, China and located in the Zhejiang province towards the southeastern side. Wenzhou is home for minerals and minerals from the city are exported to various parts of China and various countries in the globe. Wenzhou is mountainous region and culture and tradition are still maintained in the region. The geographical coordinates puts Wenzhou at 27.9992° N, 120.6561° E. Wenzhou spans over an area of 11,784 km2.


History of Wenzhou:

As per the historians, Yongjia was the name given to the place Wenzhou in 2000 B.C. During this period the main occupation of the locals in the region was pottery. Later, the place became the Kingdom of Dong’ou in the 2nd century B.C. in 675 A.D, when the region was ruled by the Tang dynasty, the place was renamed Wenzhou. Ports were built along the coast of Wenzhou by various dynasties that ruled the region. Trade flourished with faraway lands from this region. At the time of Second World War and the Japanese invasion over China the ports of Wenzhou remained under the Chinese control.


People & Culture of Wenzhou:  

The language spoken by the local people in Wenzhou are Mandarin Wu, Min and Wenzhouhua and official language of Wenzhou is the Mandarin Chinese. Most of the people of Wenzhou are followers of Buddhism, Taoistism or Christianity religion and Dancing and Music form an integral part of their culture.


Food and Shopping at Wenzhou:

Wenzhou offers some of the Wenzhou cuisines which reflects the tradition and culture of Wenzhou history and there few western food joints in the city as well.

There are some well known shopping centers in Wenzhou. The names of these shopping centers are listed below:

  • Wenzhou Intime Department Store
  • Wenzhou Times Square
  • Wenzhou Fortune Shopping Mall
  • Wenzhou Kaitai Department Store


Tourist Places in Wenzhou:  

Jiangxin Island:

Jiangxin Island is situated in the center of the Oujiang River that flows through the city and island is home for Pagoda, gardens, lakes and theme parks.


Snow Mountain:

Snow Mountain is located at the distance of 30 kms from middle of the city is bounded by lush greenery and trees and best suited for walking.


The Wet Lands:

The wet lands is home for more than 130 islands with a bridge connecting to them and home for various water activities and bounded by garden and theme parks.


Taiping Temple:

Taiping temple is located nearly 20 kms from middle of the city and newly built temple famed for its architectural design.


Other Places to visit in Wenzhou:

  • Yandang Mountain
  • Nanji Island
  • Nanxi River
  • Wuyanling Natural Reserve
  • Wenzhou Amusement Park
  • Jiangxin Island
  • Seven Waterfall Scenic Spot
  • Chanshan Wumei Scenic


Means of Commutation to Wenzhou:

Wenzhou has a well connected railway network. There are high speed trains moving from Wenzhou to places like Fuzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, Ningbo and back.

Wenzhou is well connected via airways to places across the globe and Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport, located at the distance of 20 kms from center of the city, which caters to flights arriving and departing to and fro, places in mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taipei and Macau.

Wenzhou is well connected through roadways and tourists can avail plenty of intercity bus and taxi transportations to get in and around the city.


Accommodation Options at Wenzhou:

Wenzhou is has many hotels ranging from 1 star to 4 star providing admirable staying services to the tourists visiting the place all round the year. Besides offering world class living options like lounge, business center, wellness center, free high speed internet, shuttle bus service and suites. List of hotels located in Wenzhou are:

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