Tourist Places to Visit in Ar Ramtha, Jordan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Ar Ramtha, Jordan, Asia

Ar Ramtha is a city in Jordan situated towards the northwest of Jordan and covers an area of 40 Kms. Ar Ramtha derives it name from a local desert plant during the Roman Empire. Economy of the city depends on commerce and import and export business and most of the products are sold to American and European countries. The city has sports club which represent the football club in Jordan.

Ar Ramtha is surrounded by Irbid, Al Hosn, Neaime, Al Mafraq, Ajloun, Jerash and Jarash. Zip code of Ar Ramtha is 78610 and coordinates are 32.5592° N, 36.0694° E.


History of Ar Ramtha:

Ar Ramtha was the part of Roman Empire and during this era this region was exploited as a remote centre to reach their colonies. Several ruins building and antiquities have been found at the several parts of Ar Ramtha city.


Tourism in Ar Ramtha:

Ar Ramtha has no tourist destinations but few kms away from the city tourists can visit the protected national park in Saudi Arabia, located at the border of Saudi Arabia and Ar Ramtha is famous for trading and thousands of antique goods are exported to various countries.


Places to visit in Ar Ramtha:

The Treasury:

This place is located in Petra at the distance of 17 kms from Ar Ramtha and tourists visit this place early in the morning to escape from the sun and tourists can spend whole day in this place and during the night time visitors can enjoy traditional music and candlelight all around the place.


High Place of Sacrifice:

It is a mountaineering site and there is a huge palace and tourist should hike to reach the palace and it is quite challenging. From the top, tourists can view the most wonderful sight of Petra basin and landscape, situated at the distance of 20 kms from Ar Ramtha.


Street of Facades:

This street is situated along the huge wall and mounts and it is nearly 1 Km stretch and tourists can climb the small hill to get the magnificent view of the surrounding and it is located within the city.


Food and culture of Ar Ramtha:

Ar Ramtha is famed for the music and dance, famed dance of this region is Dabke and Mijwez is the music famous all over the Jordan is originated in Ar Ramtha city.


Best time to visit Ar Ramtha:

Ar Ramtha has pleasing climate throughout the year and best time to visit Ar Ramtha is between the months of May to November.


How to Reach Ar Ramtha?

By Air:

The nearest airport to Ar Ramtha is Queen Alia International Airport, which is located at the distance of 115 Kms from centre of Ar Ramtha city and this is one of the major airport in Jordan.


By Road:

There are well developed roads in Ar Ramtha and number of public buses ply in the city from various destinations in Jordan and other local transport includes taxis and cars.


Hotels in Ar Ramtha:

Ar Ramtha is a small city located in Jordan and hotels are located at the distance of 16 Kms from Ar Ramtha city in Irbid city and these hotels provide good facilities to customers and offers free breakfast in each hotels. Hotels in Irbid cost from $ 35 to $ 80 and above per night. Some of the major hotels in and around Ar Ramtha are listed here below:

  • Irbid Plaza
  • Al Jod Hotel
  • Al Naseem Hotel
  • Aphamia Hotel
  • Omayah Hotel
  • Hijazi Hotel
  • Hijazi Hotel
  • Ajloun Hotel
  • Al Jabal Castle Hotel
  • Umm Qais Hotel
  • Murshed Motel
  • The Olive Branch Hotel

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