Best Tourist Places to Visit in Irbid, Jordan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Irbid, Jordan, Asia

Irbid is the second largest city after Amman in Jordan which covers an area of 30 sq Kms. Irbid is home for various renowned educational institutions in Jordan and economy of Irbid depends on educational institutions and the city houses number of internet cafes and known as the cultural capital of Jordan.

Irbid is surrounded by Ramtha, Al Hosn, Neaime, Baiyt Irah, Ajloun and Jarash and it is located at the distance of 90 Kms from capital of Jordan, Amman. Zip code of Irbid is 21110 and coordinates are 32.5500° N, 35.8500° E.


History of Irbid:

Irbid was inhabited during the Bronze Age and it was called as Arabella during the Hellenistic era and was the major trading hub. Irbid was famed for producing some of the best wines before the invasion of Islam and came under the Muslim Rule. During the Muslim Rule, it moved from wine to olive oil production and Irbid witness the massive battle of Yarmouk, between the Islamic Caliphate and Byzantine Empire on the banks of River Yarmouk.


Tourism in Irbid:

Irbid is famed for number of educational institutions and tourists can find youthful nightlife of typical college town. There is no much attraction in the city but there are museums in the city which displays the Jordanian Heritage history. There are number of tourist places around the city and tourists can visit number of breath taking sights.


Places to visit in Irbid:

Irbid Archaeological Museum:

This museum is located in the southern part of the city is visited by number of tourists from around the world and this museum displays the lifestyle of the populace who lived in the region and past culture of the city.


Arar Cultural House:

This house is one of the oldest in the town located in the centre of the old town and famed for its architecture and structural design.


Museum of Jordanian Heritage:

This is one of the famed museums in the city and this museum is situated close to University Street and inside the campus of Yarmouk University and this museum displays the Jordanian culture and artifacts.


Food and culture of Irbid:

Tourists can find the Arabic food in Irbid and there are many restaurants in the city which serves grills, rice, hummus, tabbulah, Shawarma sandwich, and felafel sandwich and there are number of bars and pubs in the city and tourists must enjoy the night lifestyle of the city.


Best time to visit Irbid:

Irbid has moderate weather throughout the year and best time to visit Irbid is during the winter season.


How to Reach Irbid?

By Air:

Queen Alia International Airport is the major airport in Jordan located at the distance of 115 Kms from Irbid in Amman with regular flights to various cities in Middle East and other countries in the world like London, Heathrow, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Frankfurt, Doha, Khartoum, Algiers and Sharjah.


By Road:

Irbid is well connected through roads and Tabrbor Terminal is the major bus station in Irbid which connects to various cities and towns in Jordan and to get in and around the city tourists can hire taxi or car.


Hotels in Irbid:

There are number of ancient places located around the city and there are few hotels in Irbid, which offers world class facilities to tourists and these hotels may cost from $ 30 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the major hotels situated in the city are listed below:

  • Irbid Plaza
  • Ajloun Hotel
  • Al Jabal Castle Hotel
  • Umm Qais Hotel
  • Murshed Motel
  • The Olive Branch Hotel
  • Hijazi Hotel
  • AI Jod Hotel
  • Aphamia Hotel
  • Al Naseem Hotel
  • Omayah Hotel
  • Abu Baker Hotel
  • Al Wehdah Al Arabeyah Hotel

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