Al Husn Tourist Places to Visit in Al Husn, Jordan, Asia

Al Husn Tourist Places to Visit in Al Husn, Jordan, Asia

Al Husn is a town in Irbid Governorate, Jordan situated in north part of Jordan. The town is named after the castle located in the town and in Arabic language ‘Castle’ means Husn and it is surrounded by mountains and economy of this town depends on agriculture and the town has fertile soil and moderate climate which helps in the irrigation and the farmers here produce Wheat and Olive oil and it is also famed for Wine production. Al Husn is bounded by Irbid, Ramtha, Al Mafraq, Al Thughra, Jarash, Neaime, Ajloun and Al Zarqa and Al Husn is located at the distance of 80 Kms from capital of Jordan, Amman. Zip code of Al Husn is 21510 and coordinates are 32.27° N 35.37° E.


History of Al Husn:

The region of Al Husn was ruled by Romans and it has one of the oldest Orthodox Churches in Jordan and it was constructed in the 2nd century but was destroyed by Ottoman Army in the year 1680 and later in the year 1886, this church was renovated by the native Christians.


Tourism in Al Husn:

       There are few interesting places to visit in the town and Al Husn is surrounded by hills and eye catching landscapes and there are few old monuments in and around the town. Al Husn is situated in Irbid and has number of educational institutes and restaurants in the city which offers the authentic cuisine in the region with delicious serve and tourists can window shop antique goods in the city.


Places to visit in Al Husn:

Byzantine Church:

This church was constructed in 2nd century and one of the oldest churches in Jordan after the Orthodox Church and this church is crowded during every Sunday.


Museum of Jordanian Heritage:

This is one of the best museums in the country and museum was jointly planned with the German government and this museum is located in the university and number of tourists visits this museum throughout the year.


Natural History Museum:

Natural History Museum is located in the Irbid city and one of the major museums in Jordan, this museum displays the flora and fauna of Jordan and the history. This museum will be open from 10 am to 3 pm.


Best time to Visit Al Husn:

Al Husn experiences moderate climate throughout the year and the best time to visit Al Husn is during summer season.


How to Reach Al Husn?

By Air:

Queen Alia International Airport is situated at the distance of 107 Kms from Al Husn airport and the major airport in Jordan and this airport has connectivity with London, Heathrow, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Frankfurt, Doha, Khartoum, Algiers and Sharjah and various other cities.


By Road:

Al Husn has good connectivity and well connected through roads and Tabrbor Terminal in Irbid is the major bus station, which connects to different cities and towns in Jordan and regular buses ply from Irbid to Al Husn.


Where to Stay in Al Husn?

Al Husn is a small town and there are only few hotels in the town and major hotels are located in Irbid or in Amman, at the distance of 7 to 80 Kms from Al Husn town. Hotels in these cities cost from $ 15 to $ 300 and above per night and offers number of facilities to customers. Some of the major hotels in and around Al Husn are listed here below:

  • Irbid Plaza
  • The Olive Branch Hotel
  • Ajloun Hotel
  • Al Jabal Castle Hotel
  • Umm Qais Hotel
  • Murshed Motel
  • Hadrian’s Gate Hotel
  • Rio Jordan Hotel
  • Amaken Plaza Hotel
  • Rest Inn Suites
  • Yellow Rose Hotel
  • Al Ballouti Hotel Suites
  • Abu Quboh Hotel Suites

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