Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Xian, China, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Xian, China, Asia

Xian is sited on the Asian continent in the southwest region of the country, China situated in the Shaanxi province. Xi’an is one among the oldest cities in China and the capital of the province, Shanxi. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 34.2683° N, 108.9419° E and spans over an area of 9,983 km2 and sited at an elevation of 405 meters (1,329 feet) above sea level. Xian is major economy city of Shaanxi province with several industries, IT companies and aerospace industries.


History of Xian:

According to Archeologists, civilization existed 6,500 years ago. In the 11th century, the Zhou dynasty ruled Xian. During the period from 221 to 206 B.C the Qin dynasty ruled Xian and the capital of Xian was then Xianyang. Xian was ruled by the Han dynasty in 202 B.C. The Xi’an city wall took four years to complete. A Buddhist monk who visited India in the 7th century, created translated scriptures from Sanskrit to Chinese language. These scriptures were then stored in the Great Wild Goose Pagoda which was created in 652. In 904, the Tang dynasty invaded and destroyed Tianjin. Later in 1370, the Ming dynasty ruled Tianjin and developments took shape under their administration. In 1936, the people of Xi’an united and fought with the invading Japanese forces. Later after Second World War the place saw various establishments taking place.


People & Culture of Xian:  

The language spoken by the local people in Xian is Mandarin and most of the people of Xian are followers of either Buddhism or Islam religion.


Food and Shopping at Xian:

Xian is serves with both continental and non-continental cuisines and cuisines of Xian are sour and spicy. Pork and Mutton are the favorite non-vegetarian delicacies in Xian.

There are some well known shopping centers in Xian. The names of these shopping centers are listed below:

  • Century Ginwa Shopping Mall
  • Parkson Shopping Center
  • Kai Yuan Shopping Mall
  • Minsheng Department Store
  • Xian Dayang Department Store
  • Central Globe Square
  • Tangcheng Department Store Building
  • Zhongda International


Tourist Places in Xian  

  • Army of Terra-Cotta Warriors
  • Huaqing Hot Spring
  • Xian City Wall
  • Bell and Drum Towers
  • Big Goose Pagoda
  • Forest of Stone Steles
  • Hanyang Tombs
  • Shaanxi Provincial History Museum
  • Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
  • Xian Muslim Quarters and the Great Mosque


Means of Commutation to Xian

Xian has expressways and 3 National Highways (NH 210, NH 211, NH 312) connecting Xian with Qinling, Hanzhong, Baoji, Tongchuan and Lintong and networked by local as well as intercity buses which originate from Xian to other cities and towns in neighboring provinces.

Xian has a well connected railway networks. There 6 railway stations in Xian. There are high speed trains travelling through these railway stations to Zhengzhou, Baoji, Mount Hua, Lanzhou, and other places within China.

Xi’an is well connected via airways to places across the world and served by Xianyang International Airport, located at the distance of 30 kms from city center and caters to flights arriving and departing to and fro, places around the globe.


Accommodation Options at Xian

Xian has some superior exotic hotels ranging from 1 star to 5 star offering brilliant services to the guests taking accommodation facilities in such hotels. The hotels have typical Chinese interiors and serve authentic Chinese menus and dishes and hotels in Xian cost from $ 6 to $ 200 and above per day. List of hotels located in Xian are:

  • Jinjiang Inn Xi’an Dayan Tower
  • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Bestay Hotel Express Xi’an Jiefanglu
  • Hilton Xi’an
  • Sheraton Xi’an North City Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza Xi’an
  • Mercure on Renmin Square Xian
  • Citadines Central Xi’an
  • Swisstouches Hotel Xi’an
  • Zuoyouke Hotel

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