Best Tourist Places to Visit in Terengganu, Malaysia, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Terengganu, Malaysia, Asia

Terengganu is one of the states of Malaysia situated in the eastern part of the country covering a total area of 13035 sq kms and shares its borders with Kelathan, Pahang and South China Sea toward the east. Terengganu consists of majority of the population who are Malays followed by Chinese and Indians. The state of Terengganu is known for its cuisine, culture, events, tourist attractions, healthcare and education institutes and coordinates with 4.45’ degree North Latitude and 103.0’ degree East Longitude.


Terengganu Meaning & History:

As per the Malays the word Terengganu means “bright rainbow”. Evidence says that, Terengganu was derived from Tilangganna a native group of inhabitants who came to this place and settled permanently in this region. Terengganu was known to be a major sea route by the Chinese people as it is located near South China Sea during 6th century. Terengganu was the first state in Malaysia where Islam first came into existence as one can find many inscriptions and manuscripts belonging to Islamic Era. It formed as an independent state in 1724 and later became state of Siam in 19th century. Terengganu was under the rule of Japan during II World War and gradually became a part of the British rule until it became an independent state in Malaysia in the year 1957.


Places of attractions in Terengganu:

Tourists visiting Terengganu has plenty of local attractions which are listed here below:

  • Crystal Mosque
  • Redang Marine Park Centre
  • Batu Buruk beach
  • Maziah Palace
  • Turtle Bay Divers
  • Seahorse Dive Centre famous for water sporting activities.
  • Long Beach
  • Bukit Kluang Beach
  • Redang Island
  • Bukit Kluang Beach
  • Kenyir Lake
  • Sekayu Waterfall


Culture, cuisine and events in Terengganu:

Terengganu is known for its rich culture and tradition as many events like kite flying, top spinning gain utmost prominence in this state. Tourists can look forward to traditional handicraft products like arts and crafts which are still in practice in this part of the country. Terengganu is also known for hosting many sporting events like horse show, International Sailing Event, horse race, speed boat racing, golf championship and international swimming event. Terengganu is famous for local cuisines like Keropok Lekor which is made from sago flour and pounded fish which tastes better when served with chilly sauce. Another specialty of Terengganu is the sata where fish is wrapped in banana leaves and heated over a grill.


Connectivity to Terengganu in Malaysia:

Terengganu in Malaysia is well connected by good network of roadways like Highways, Expressways and Bypasses which run to length and breadth of the state. Terengganu is also well served by rail mode of transport like Light Rail Transit Network and Mono Rail which are the major forms of local transport. Terengganu is well connected by air link to many destinations where daily flights are available from state capital Kuala Terengganu to various domestic and international destinations.


Hotels in Terengganu:

Terengganu has some of the fine hotels in state of Malaysia offering excellent accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the state all round the year. Hotels vary from 1 star to 6 star providing world class living facilities besides serving authentic Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The charges of the hotels vary from one hotel to another and the tourists can pick and select a hotel as per their requirements and budget. List of hotels located in Terengganu is as follows:

  • Redangkalong Resort
  • Ming Paragon Hotel & Spa
  • Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort and Spa
  • Hotel Felda Residence
  • Hotel Sumai Suite
  • T. Travellers Inn
  • Redang Pelangi Resort
  • Redang Bay Resort
  • Scout Inn Resort
  • Hotel Grand Continental

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