Tourist Places to Visit in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, America

Yabucoa is a municipal town situated in the southeastern region of Puerto Rico between 18°03′02″ N latitude and 65°52′46″ W longitude, around 70 km southeast of the territory capital, San Juan.


Geography of Yabucoa:

Yabucoa shares its borders with Maunabo in the south, Patillas towards the west and Las Piedras and Humacao in the north. The municipality of Yabucoa comprises of 9 wards and Yabucoa Pueblo within the total area of 215.65 sq. km. The major wards of Yabucoa are Calabazas, Camino Nuevo, Limones and Guayabotas.


History of Yabucoa:

Yabucoa was earlier the part of the Taíno region of Guayaney. During the Spanish Colonization, it became the part of Humacao region. Yabucoa was founded as a town on October 3, 1793 in location of donated land, donated by Don Manuel Colón and his wife, Catalina Morales Pacheco.


Connectivity to Yabucoa:

Yabucoa is connected with capital city San Juan through highway PR-3 and it takes around 2 hour journey. Buses are regular, also tourists can use taxi or rental car.

Also there is a tunnel that connects Yabucoa with Maunabo town and is the longest tunnel on the island.

Humacao Airport is the nearest airport to Yabucoa located at a distance of 19 kms. Other nearby airports are Patillas Airport and Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Yabucoa:

Yabucoa is the location of many grand festivals celebrated throughout the year, most of which are held during the ending and the middle months of the year.

The famous festivals takes place in Yabucoa includes:

  • Carmen Festival (July)
  • Sugar Cane Festival (May)
  • Martorell Jíbaro Festival (December)
  • Festival del Campesino (October)

Tourists can buy a variety of consumer durables, electronics, garments and leather items at the shops of Yabucoa.

Tourists can refer following restaurants for both traditional and international eateries:

  • El Nuevo Horizonte
  • El Mar de la Tranquilidad
  • El Nuevo Horizonte


Things to do in Yabucoa:

  • Surfing
  • Shopping
  • Boat tour
  • Jeep tour


Places of interest in Yabucoa:

Hacienda Roig sugar mill:

Hacienda Roig sugar mill is a historic sugar mill and now it is the landmark as well as tourist attraction of Yabucoa.


Guayanes beach:

Guayanes beach is one of the nicest beaches in the southeastern Puerto Rico, frequented by youth from the neighboring towns for its eye-catching beauty.


El Cocal Beach:

El Cocoa Beach is a haven of surfers, served by many standard restaurants and traditional shops. Other than surfing it also offers diving and boating.


Other places of interest in Yabucoa include:

  • Hacienda Santa Lucía Ruins
  • La Casa de la Cultura
  • Roig Refinery
  • Petroleum Refinery
  • Dead Dog Beach
  • La Lucia Beach
  • Humacao Nature Reserve
  • Rancho Buena Vista
  • Palmas Del Mar Golf Club


Best time to visit Yabucoa:

Generally the ending and middle months of the year will be best travelling Yabucoa.


Accommodation options in Yabucoa:

Yabucoa houses many nice hotels with different facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, spa, 24 hours help desk and internet connectivity and special diet on requests. Also tourists can refer hotels of Humacao (15 km) and Guayama (35 km) for more comfort. The prominent hotels in and around Yabucoa are listed here below:

  • Parador Palmas De Lucia
  • Parador Costa del Mar
  • Hotel Lucia Beach Villas
  • Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar
  • The Villas at Palmas
  • Barefoot Travelers Rooms
  • Palmas Lodging
  • Palmas Del Mar Oceano Beach Resorts
  • The Marbella Club
  • Club Cala de Palmas
  • Palmas Inn Villas
  • Hotel Molino Inn
  • Kasa Karite Eco Hostal

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