Tourist Places to Visit in Lombok, Indonesia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Lombok, Indonesia, Asia

Lombok is a city in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara province in Indonesia surrounded by Sekotong Peninsula. Lombok covers an area of 4,725 sq Kms and economy of Lombok depends on tourism and agriculture production and Lombok is populated by Sasak, migrated from Java.

Lombok is surrounded by West Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Denpasar, Penida Island, Sulat Island, Pandjang Island and Lawang Island and Lombok is located at the distance of 1,350 Kms from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.  Zip code of Lombok is 83551 and coordinates are 8.5650° S, 116.3510° E.


History of Lombok:

Lombok was discovered in 17th century and Sasak Prince was ruling the island and later in 17th century western Lombok was captured by Balinese and from eastern part of Lombok it was captured by Sumbaw Kingdom. In the year 1674, Dutch invaded Lombok but Balinese captured the whole island by 1750. In the year 1894 signed the treaty with Sasak rebels and was captured by the Dutch completely. Various renovations occurred in the city with rapid changes in the Lombok.


Tourism in Lombok:

Tourism plays an important role in the city and Lombok is home for various tourist destinations. Lombok is unspoiled city and still various tourist places to be discovered in Lombok and there are number of beaches untouched by the humans and scuba diving facilities are also available in this city. Tourists started visiting this region in mid 1980’s and till now tourists visit this island.


Culture and Food in Lombok:

Lombok has the rich Sasak culture and history attracts most number of the tourists. Apart from Sasak there are various other cultures like Christian, Chinese, Arab followed and all these communities live in harmony. Famous dish in Lombok is Ayam Taliwand and other cuisine includes lengkare, Kelor, Serebuk and Sares.


Places to visit in Lombok:

Tanjuung A’an:

It is the charming locality near the Kuta Beach and famed for unique sand that resembles pepper and one of the busiest beaches in Lombok.



Sukarare is the place where local populace is involved in handicrafts and weaving process and tourists can buy the handicrafts at cheap rates than the local markets.


Narmada Water Park:

This water park is located at the distance of 13 Kms from centre of the city and this park is renowned for Hindu temple and a swimming pool and tourists rush to this place during public holidays.


Things to do in Lombok:

  • Air Terjun Tiu Kelep
  • Air Terjun Sindang gila
  • Air Terjun Betara Lenjang
  • Traditional massage
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Trekking


Best time to visit Lombok:

Lombok is one of the tourism hubs in Indonesia and best time to visit Lombok is between the months of May to October.


How to Reach Lombok?

By Air:

Lombok is served by Lombok International Airport located at the distance of 28 Kms from center of the city and connects to cities like Bali, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Malaysia, Perth, Bima, Denpasar, Surabaya and Soekarno.


By Sea:

Lombok is served by Lombok port, where boats and ships operate from and to various parts of Indonesia to Lombok and these ships are relevantly slow.


By Road:

After getting into the city, tourists can travel within the city by bemo, taxis, cars, ojek, horse carts and motorbikes and roads are well developed in the city.


Hotels in Lombok:

Lombok is famed for the tourism and tourists from various places visit this region throughout the year. Hotels in Lombok provide all the major amenities to customers and rooms in Lombok may cost from 10 $ to 500 $ and above and per night. Some of the major hotels in Lombok are listed below:

  • Hotel Tugu Lombok
  • The Jayakarta Lombok Hotel & Spa
  • Lombok Plaza Hotel and Convention
  • Alang Alang Boutique Beach Resort
  • Pool Villa Club
  • Aerotel Tastura Lombok
  • The Santosa Villas & Resort
  • Kebun Villas & Resort
  • Puri Saron Senggigi Beach Hotel
  • Senggigi Beach Hotel
  • Living Asia Resort

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