Tourist Places to Visit in Kabutar Khaneh, Iran, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Kabutar Khaneh, Iran, Asia

Kabutar Khaneh is a village located in Azari Rural District of Central District in Esfarayen County in North Khorasan Province, Iran. It is situated about 100 kms from Bojnord, the capital of North Khorasan Province and about 800 kms from Tehran, the capital of Iran. Esfarayen is the nearest city to Kabutar Khaneh.


Geography of Kabutar Khaneh:

Kabutar Khaneh is positioned between latitude 37°04′33″ in the north and longitude 57°28′34″ in the east.


Economy of Kabutar Khaneh:

Kabutar Khaneh has an agriculture based economy and the agricultural products grown in Kabutar Khaneh include barley, oily seeds, rice, eucalyptus and wheat.


Connectivity to Kabutar Khaneh:

Due to the proximity with county capital Esfarayen, Kabutar Khaneh has got good connectivity with its nearby regions and the major cities of the province.

There are several scheduled buses passing near Kabutar Khaneh between Esfarayen and Bojnord city.

ٍEsfarayen Railway Station and Esfarayen City Bus Stand are the major nearest railway station and bus stand to Kabutar Khaneh respectively.

Bojnord Airport is most important airport of North Khorasan Province and the closest airport to Kabutar Khaneh.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Kabutar Khaneh:

The population of Kabutar Khaneh covers the citizens of Kurds speaking Kurmanji, Persians, Khorasani Turks, Turkmenas, Baluchs, Arabs and Lurs. Kabutar Khaneh houses few archeological sites from Sassanid and Persian era.

Kabutar Khaneh is home to few well facilitated hotels and shops, so tourists can find hotels and shops at Esfarayen or Nishapur city for better hospitality and shopping experience. Nishapur is one of the best cities of Iran situated in Razavi Khorasan province hosts plenty of shopping malls, movie centres and retail outlets.


Places to see near Kabutar Khaneh:     

Noshirvan and Ebadatgah caves:

Noshirvan and Ebadatgah caves are historical caves known for their ancient architecture.


Baba Tavakol mausoleum:

Baba Tavakol mausoleum is the mausoleum of great Iranian Baba Tavakol.


Mofakham Mirror House:

Mofakham Mirror House was constructed during Qajar period.


Khayyam Tomb:

Khayyam Tomb is situated in Neyshabur in Razavi Khorasan Province, about 250 kms away from Kabutar Khaneh.


Other tourist attractions near Kabutar Khaneh are:

The list of famous tourist attractions in other regions of North Khorasan Province and Nishapur, Razavi Khorasan Province is as follows:

  • Bazkhaneh Valley
  • Ayyub Mineral Water Spring
  • Salook Protected Area
  • Imamzadeh Sultan Seyed Abbas
  • Saloog Protected Area
  • Seyed Sadegh Cave
  • Tomb of Sheikh Ali Esfarayeni
  • Faghatdezh Castle
  • Hasanabad Castle
  • Sari Gol Protected Area
  • Tomb of Farid ad-Din Attar
  • Shadiyakh excavations
  • Mazare Shahmir
  • Tomb of Farid ad-Din Attar
  • Imamzade Mahruq




Best time to visit Kabutar Khaneh:

The months of winter season are the ideal time to travel Kabutar Khaneh.


Accommodation Options in Kabutar Khaneh:

Kabutar is a village houses few general stores and well facilitated hotels. Due to this, to enjoy better hospitality services tourists can choose hotels of Nishapur and Esfarayen city. The hotels in Nishapur include the facilities of swimming pool, garden area, doctor on call, fitness centre, vehicle parking, TV, air ticket booking, conference hall, laundry, internet connectivity and 24 hour electricity. The prices at the hotels of Nishapur and Esfarayen differ from hotel to hotel. The best hotels in Nishapur, Esfarayen city and Mashhad city are as follows:

  • Negin Hotel
  • Parseh Hotel
  • Aseman Hotel
  • Reza Hotel
  • Joghatay Reza Hotel
  • Tourism Hotel
  • Homa Hotel 1
  • Kamalalmolk Hotel
  • Eram Hotel
  • Pars Hotel
  • Hotel Pardisan
  • Torghabeh Grand Hotel
  • Aban Hotel
  • Homa Hotel 2
  • Aras Hotel

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