Kalaleh Tourist Places to Visit in Kalaleh, Iran, Asia

Kalaleh Tourist Places to Visit in Kalaleh, Iran, Asia

Kalaleh is the capital of Kalaleh County in Golestan Province of Iran. It is located about 130 kms northeast of provincial capital Gorgan and about 530 kms northeast of national capital Tehran. Central District and Pishkamar District are the two districts of Kalaleh County.


Geography of Kalaleh:

Kalaleh is placed between latitude 37°22′51″ in the north and longitude 55°29′30″ in the east.


Economy of Kalaleh:

The economy of Kalaleh is based on the agricultural activities and few people are engaged in administrative sectors. Kalaleh houses few educational institutions and one domestic airport as well.


Connectivity to Kalaleh:

Kalaleh is served by Kalaleh Airport placed 5 kms away from the midpoint of the city.

Kalaleh has one major bus stop and several local bus terminals and buses are accessible at regular intervals.

Tourists can choose Taxis or Jeeps to reach tourist destinations and airport.

Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Kalaleh:

Kalaleh houses the inhabitants of Turkmens, Azerbaijanis, Baluchs, Qezelbashs, Kurds, Kazakhs, Georgians, and Armenians. The languages spoken by the local people include Persian, Azeri, Kurdish, Arabic, Balochi and Turkmen. Kalaleh houses numerous cultural centres and mosques as well. Golestan Province is home to the world’s highest brick tower Gonbad-e Qabus.

Bread is common in the usual and festival dishes of Kalaleh and Nan and hamir are the popular bread dishes. Kateh is the traditional dish in Kalaleh and other popular dishes include Anar Bij, Alu Mosema, Potpoto, Boorani, Mahi Dudi, kuku bademjan, Morabaye Gol, Morabaye Velesh, Suluf Khorosh, Keshmesh Polow, Qarma and Shirini.

Kalaleh city hosts few hotels of Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine along with traditional Iranian hotels. Also the city is home many shopping centres, branded cloth shops, mobile centres, electrical and electronic stores. Tourists can buy well made Jajim carpets at the handicraft shops of the city.


Places to see near Kalaleh:


Gonbad-e Qabus Tower:

Gonbad-e Qabus is the tallest brick tower in the world located in Gonbad-e Qabus City of Golestan Province, added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. The tower stands at a height of 72 meters placed in the centre of Gonbad-e Qabus city, built by Ziyarid Amir Shams ol-Maali Qabus ibn Wushmgir in 1006 AD. The tower is located about 40 kms from Kalaleh city.

Golestan National Park:

Golestan National Park is the biggest national park of Iran which covers three provinces of the country Mazandaran, North Khorasan and Golestan. It occupies an area of 91,890 hectares and located at an elevation from 1000 meters to 1400 meters.

The animals found in Golestan National Park include leopards, wolves, wild boars, maral deer, roe deer, goitered gazelles, urial and wild goats.


Nahar khoran Forest:

Nahar khoran Forest houses rich flora and fauna, visited by researchers, college students and adventures.


Other tourist attractions near Kalaleh include:

  • Ismail Shrine Srkhnklath
  • Qajar era underground bathroom Srkhnklath
  • Emadyh School
  • Ziarat Village


Best time to visit Kalaleh:

May, September and October months are the ideal time to holiday Kalaleh.


Accommodation Options in Kalaleh:

All the hotels of Kalaleh include the basic facilities of garden area, laundry, TV, land phone and variety of food. The best hotels in Kalaleh and Gorgan (about 130 kms) are as follows:

  • Esteghlal Hotel, Minoudasht
  • Gorgan Myority Hotel
  • Naharkhoran Tourism Hotel
  • New Tahmasebi Hotel
  • Park Hotel
  • Sarafraz Hotel
  • Tahmasbi Hotel
  • Taslimi Hotel
  • Tourism Hotel
  • Azin Hotel
  • Khayyam Hotel
  • Ziarat Hotel
  • Hotel Parmis
  • Hotel Kaniyar

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