Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Bishkek is the capital city of the CIS Country Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia, which was under the Soviet rule till its independence in 1991.  Bishkek is located to the North of Kyrgyzstan in Chuy Province with Tian Shan Mountain ranges looming in the background.  Bishkek is around 800 Mts. above sea level located from Equator at around 43o North Latitude and 74o East Longitude.


Bishkek is around 125 Sq. Km and is the largest capital city in Kyrgyzstan and an independent administrative province having 4 Raion or the districts it is also the capital of Chuy Province, out of 8 province of Kyrgyzstan.  Bishkek’s main city centre is the Ala-Too Square. Dordoy Bazaar is the main commercial area in Bishkek


The climate in Bishkek is warm summers from June to September and cold winters from October to March with average maximum temperature ranging in summer from 30oC to a minimum of minus 10oC in winter. The main river of Bishkek is the Chui River.



History of Bishkek:


Bishkek was part of the Silk Route in the olden days as stop over for the traders from Eastern countries visiting European countries that came into existence in 1825 with building of mud fort by Uzbek Khan of Kokhand.  The Kyrgyz-Khokand fortress was extended by the Russians in 1862 and the name was changed into Pishpek and renamed as Frunze in 1926.  With the Independence of Kyrgyzstan in 1991 the city was named back to its original name of Bishkek.


Food and Culture in Bishkek:


The food consumed in Bishkek is mainly the wheat products and the livestock and dairy products that are grown and reared and produced in the country side of Bishkek.  The Kumi is the famous drink made from mares milk is consumed widely by the people of Bishkek. The national dish of Kyrgyz is the Beshbarmak a dish prepared from the farm animals reared.


Bishkek being a part of the Soviet bloc countries before 1991, have the influence of the soviet culture with well laid out roads and avenues and apartment blocs having typical Russian architecture.  Since Bishkek is an ethnic city with the influence of various cultures people follow various religious beliefs.  Bishkek being a city has the influence of typical city culture and which is most enjoyed by the young tourists.



Shopping and Things to do in Bishkek:


Shopping is mainly done in Bishkek for the local relics such as Kalpaks, a type of hat made out of soft leather worn by the locals.  The local traditional carpets known as Shyrdaks are bargained for better prices in Osh Bazaar and there is an open market near the city of Bishkek having variety of goods including the Chinese goods.


In Bishkek one can go biking to local tourist places and also take mini and trolleybuses to visit the city square Ala-Too Square and the nearby State Historical Museum and the Panfilov Park for recreational outings and shopping at Dordoy Bazaar and Osh Bazaar.



Tourist Attractions in and around Bishkek:


  • Tian Shan Mountain Ranges: Which is just around 35 Km from Bishkek is the best area for outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and rafting in the rivers organized by the trekking club.


  • Ala-Archa Canyon: A National Park with beautiful valleys, glaciers, Corona and Uchitel peak and also the mid-century Stone houses which are mainly for campers and peak climbers and trekkers and hikers.


  • Burana Tower: Is located in one of the nearby towns of Bishkek, where one can climb the tower and view the beautiful country side.



Connectivity to Bishkek:


Bishkek being a capital city is well connected to nearby cities of neighboring countries by Highway roads with services of buses and taxies from Almaty, Shymkent and Tashkent and also one can reach Bishkek via Torugar Pass from Chinese side, which takes around 4 to 5 hrs.  By Train Bishkek is connected to the Trans-Siberian railway network from Moscow that passes via Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and the journey of three days.  By flight the Manas Airport which is around 30 Km from Bishkek is reached by local flights form CIS countries and also few International flights form London and Moscow.



Hotel Accommodation in Bishkek:


  • Hyatt Regency 5*
  • Park Hotel 5*
  • Hotel Deluxe 5
  • Hotel Holiday 4*
  • Hotel Amir 4*
  • Tes Guest House 4*
  • Golden Dragon Hotel 3*
  • The Silk Road Lodge 3*

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