Tourist Places to Visit in Aghajari, Iran, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Aghajari, Iran, Asia

Aghajari also termed as Aghajari-e Zeydun is a city situated in Behbahan County in Khuzestan Province of Iran. It is the capital of Aghajari District located about 980 kms southwest of national capital Tehran. In 1986, Aghajari had a population of 64,102 and its population continuously dropped after Iran-Iraq War. Aghajari houses few schools and colleges and several top tourist destinations.


Geography of Aghajari:

Aghajari is placed between 30°42′02″ N latitude and 49°49′53″ E longitude.


Nearby cities of Aghajari include:

  • Behbahan
  • Sardasht
  • Shushtar
  • Omidiyeh
  • Izeh
  • Mah Shahr
  • Susangerd


Connectivity to Aghajari:

The airport of Aghajari is located in Omidiyeh, about 23 km away from the midpoint of the city. It has regular flights to national capital Tehran and other major cities of the country.

One can board buses at Aghajari City Bus Stand or local bus terminals to reach nearby cities and tourist spots. Taxis and Minivans are good options to travel within the city.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Aghajari:

The natives of Aghajari have very cool and calm nature. Most of the inhabitants of Aghajari are Muslim communities about 60% Zoroastrian background citizens. Persian is a very commonly spoken language by the natives of Aghajari and also the natives speak Kurdish, Lori, Gilaki, Balochi, Mazandarani and Azerbaijani as well.

The hotels of Aghajari are known for their Iranian traditional dishes and also serve tourists with variety of Asian and Western countries dishes. Meat, lamb, chicken and fish are highly used staple food in Aghajari. Joojeh, shishleek, soltani, chenjeh, kuku, polo, alu Mosema, ash-e torsh, burag and koobideh are very popular dishes in Aghajari.

Aghajari houses several Khuzestan handicrafts shops and the products of wood, cloth and metal are available at affordable cost. Mobile centres, cloth stores, shoe centres, jewelry shops and super market are also placed in Aghajari City.


Places to see near Aghajari:   

Choqa-Zanbil Ziggurat:

Choqa-Zanbil Ziggurat is a temple located in Choghazanbil of Khuzestan Province is one of the best ziggurat temples in the world and is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Choqa-Zanbil Ziggurat was built during 1250 BC by the king of Elamite.


Achamenian Palace:

Achamenian Palace is one of the must visit place and attracts tourists from all around the province.


Shevi Waterfall:

During the monsoon season is the best time to visit Shevi Waterfall, when the waterfalls springs with full of water.


Masjed Soleiman:

Masjed Soleiman is an ancient town famous for its Sar-masjed and Bard-neshondeh.



Shushtar is a town known for Shushtar Watermills and an ancient fortress. Friday Mosque is also a prime attraction of Shushtar constructed by the Abbasids.


Other tourist attractions near Aghajari include:

  • Abadan Institute of Technology
  • Abadan Refinery
  • Abadan International Airport
  • Traditional Bazaar
  • Shadegan Wetland
  • Susa Museum
  • Daniel Temple
  • Dezful
  • Izeh
  • Tarisha Temple
  • KoolFarah


Best time to visit Aghajari:

From January to March is the best time to visit Aghajari to reach waterfalls and temples.


Accommodation Options in Aghajari:

The hotels of Aghajari are facilitated with vehicle parking, garden area, cable TV, laundry, internet connectivity, doctor on call, 24 hour electricity and internet connectivity, rooms with attached bathroom, security service, air ticket booking and pick up and drop facility to airport. The best hotels in and around Aghajari are listed here below.

  • Parsian Azadi Hotel
  • Karvansara Hotel
  • Hotel Pars
  • Oxin Hotel
  • Naderi Hotel
  • Persia Hotel
  • Iranian Hotel
  • Dezful Tourism Hotel
  • Apadana Hotel
  • Azadi Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Andimeshk


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