Best Tourist Places to Visit in Keelung City, Taiwan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Keelung City, Taiwan, Asia

       Keelung city is located in Taiwan in Republic of China is situated towards the north east part of Taiwan. Keelung city is the second largest port in Taiwan after Kaohsiung city and nicknamed as Rainy Port as it receives rain throughout the year. Most of the populace in Keelung city works in harbor and harbor related jobs and there are number of educational institutions and health care facilities in Keelung City.

Keelung City is bounded by Wani, Jinshan, Shimen, Sanshi, Taipei, Xizhi, Gongliao, Pingxi and Neihu is located at the distance of 22 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Keelung City are 25.1333° N, 121.7333° E.


Tourism in Keelung City:

Keelung city is located along the sea and one of the charming cities in Taiwan where tourists can sight the stunning view of the sea from the shore and during the rainy season, the place becomes more spectacular to view and thousands of tourists draw together from all over Taiwan during The Keelung Ghost Festival.


Places to Visit in Keelung City:

Nuandong Valley:

This valley is situated in Dongshikeng, Nuannuan District, southeast of Keelung City at a distance of 7 kms is surrounded by river, trees and cliffs and ideal during the summer.

Keelung Islet:

Keelung is one of the major landmarks of North Taiwan and a charming island with beautiful volcano, bounded by cliffs and landscape.


Zhongzheng Park:

This park is located towards the eastern part of Keelung City and park is home for white statue of Goddess of Mercy.


Heping Island Park:

Heping Island is home for a castle, churches and fortes, was constructed by Spanish Army in the year 1626.


Other Places to Visit in Keelung City:

  • Dianji Temple
  • Zhongzheng Park
  • Ershawan Fort
  • Keelung French Cemetery
  • Keelung Islet
  • Gongzih Liao Fort
  • Dawulun Fort
  • Baimiwong Fort
  • Shihciouling Fort


Other attractions in Keelung City:

  • Miaokou Night Market
  • Kanziding Fish Market
  • Aquatic sports activates


Food and Culture in Keelung City:

Keelung city serves wide range of delicious cuisine and there are number of restaurants and hotels in the city which serves Stinky Tofu, Oyster Omelet, Bubble Ice, Fried sandwiches, Bean noodle thick soup and Shrimp Taiwanese balls being few delicious cuisine available in the city and there are number of markets and malls in the city from where tourists can buy number of goods. Keelung city organizes the The Keelung Ghost Festival during summer and it is one of the oldest celebrations in Taiwan.


Best time to Visit Keelung City:

Keeling is also known as ‘Rainy City’ as it receives rain throughout the year and best time to visit Keelung city is between the months of April to August, during this month it receives less rainfall.


How to Reach Keelung City?

By Air:

Keelung City is a port city and the nearest airport is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which is located at the distance of 60 Kms from the city and airport serves domestic and international flights to several cities and taxis, buses and trains are available from airport to Keelung city frequently.


By Sea:

Keelung city renowned as the port city and the second largest port in Taiwan and this port is mainly used for import and export purposes and it serves with domestic and international ferries.


By Train:

Keelung City is served by Keelung Station and several other stations operated by the Taiwan Railway Administration and this railway lines well connects to different cities and towns in Taiwan.


By Road:

Keelung is a port city and tourist can get number of buses from various parts of Taiwan to Keelung City and major local transport includes taxis, cars, thumb and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Keelung City?

Keelung City is a port city and travelers can come across profusion of accommodation amenities accessible in the city which offers all the modern-day amenities to the guests and cost from $ 50 to $ 400 and above per night. Some of the renowned hotels in Keelung City are listed here below:

  • Wulai Pause Landis Resort
  • Mai Hotel
  • Fullon Hotel Fulong
  • Evergreen Laurel Hotel Keelung
  • Hua Du Hotel
  • Harbor View Hotel
  • Ocean Hotel
  • White House Beach Resort
  • Full Moon Spa
  • Chinatrust Executive House
  • Fuchia Hotel Keelung
  • The Lofa Seaside Suites

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