Tourist Places to Visit in Yongkang, Taiwan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Yongkang, Taiwan, Asia

Yongkang is a district in Tainan County in Taiwan situated towards the south west part of Taiwan. Yongkang is a developing district and there are number of manufacturing and food processing industries situated in the region which helps in the growth of economy.

Yongkang covers an area of 40.28 Sq Kms is located at the distance of 312 Kms from capital of Taiwan, Taipei and Yongkang is bounded by Bei, Zhongxi, Anping, Dong, Rende, Guiren, Xinhua, Xinshi, Anding, Nan, and Annan and coordinates of Yongkang is 28.9008° N, 120.0292° E.


Tourism in Yongkang:

Yongkang is an industrial city and mostly visited by business professionals. Yongkang is situated in Tainan County and Tainan County is bounded by various tourist sites and Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan Island and home for the cultural and traditional attractions and tourists visit this site to be the part of stunning natural landscapes. Tainan is renowned for its agriculture, fishery and cuisines.


Food and Culture in Yongkang

Yongkang is renowned for its delicious cuisines and there are wide ranges of food joints and well-known cuisines of Yongkang are Oyster Omelette, Rice Cake, Dan Zai Noodles and Elite Cake is few cuisines. Populace of Yongkang follows diverse culture.


Places to Visit in Yongkang:

Siraya National Scenic Area:

This is one the main farm near Yongkang and they grow wide range of fruits and other cash corps and region is also known as “A Land of Abundance and bounded the stunning charm and number of tourists visit this region throughout the year.


Baihe Lotus:

Baihe is located at the distance of 50 Kms from Yongkang is the ancient district in Tainan County and largest producer of lotus and known as the Lotus Country.


Other Places to Visit near Yongkang:

  • Qigu Lagoon
  • Wan Pi World
  • Shard Salt Fields
  • Guantian Chestnut
  • Black-faced Spoonbill Ecology Exhibition Hall
  • Chi Mei Museum
  • Tainan Confucius Temple
  • Prefectural City God Temple


Best time to Visit Yongkang:

Yongkang is an industrial city visited throughout the year by business professionals and best time to visit Yongkang is between the months of October to January.

How to Reach Yongkang?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Yongkang District is Kaohsiung International Airport, located at the distance of 55 Kms from  Yongkang District and this airport serves with domestic and international flights to countries like China, Singapore, Cambodia, and Japan and few other countries and tourists can hire taxis or can board bus or train to reach Yongkang from airport.


By Train:

Yongkang District is served by Yongkang Station, which lies on Western Line operated by Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) and this railway line is connected to rest of the Taiwan Island.


By Road:

Yongkang has well developed transportation and connected through National Highways there are distinct number of buses plying from different parts of Taiwan to Yongkang District frequently and main local transportation are cars, taxis, thumb and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Yongkang?

Yongkang is district in Tainan County and there are few tourist destination to visit in Yongkang district and many other tourist destinations and abundance of hotels are available in Yongkang District, which provides world class amenities to customers and cost from $ 40 to $ 250 and above per night. Some of the prominent hotels in Yongkang are listed below:

  • Tayih Landis
  • Toongmao Spa Resort Guanziling
  • Taipung Suites
  • Queena Plaza Hotel
  • The Hotel Dynasty
  • Wei-Yat Toong Mao Grand
  • Evergreen Plaza Hotel Tainan
  • Justwin Grand Hotel
  • Les Hotel Tainan
  • Asia Emperor Hotel
  • Fude Lime Hotel
  • Takatama Hotel
  • Hwa Mao Business Hotel
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