Tourist Places to Visit in Mansehra, Pakistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Mansehra, Pakistan, Asia

Mansehra is city situated in Mansehra District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan is located about 220 kms away from provincial capital Peshawar and about 140 kms from national capital Islamabad.

The economy of Mansehra is based on an agriculture and mining activities and Kunhar River is the major river flowing through Mansehra. Mansehra houses few schools of over 140 years.


Geography and climate of Mansehra:

Mansehra is located between latitude 34°20′ in the north and longitude 73°12′ in the east is located at an elevation of 1,088 meters. Mansehra district occupies an area of 4,579 sq. km. Mansehra enjoys cold climate in winter and hot in summer.

Mansehra district is surrounded by Abbottabad District in the south, Neelum District in Azad Kashmir on the east, Swat district in the west and Kohistan and Diamir districts towards north.


Etymology and History of Mansehra:

The name of Mansehra derives from Hindi language word “Mahaan Sehra” and the literal meaning of Mansehra is ‘the flowers in abundance’. Other than this there are several theories about the origin of name Mansehra.

Ashoka the Great, Alexander the Great, the British Empire, the Afghans and the Turks were the great emperors and dynasties ruled Mansehra in the past.


Connectivity to Mansehra:

Mansehra is served by Mansehra Airport located few kilometers away from the city and the nearest international airport to Mansehra is Islamabad International Airport in Rawalpindi is located at a distance of 140 kms.

The closest major railway station to Mansehra is Havelian Railway Station situated about 40 kms from the centre of Mansehra city.

Lari Bus Station and Old Bus Station are the two major bus terminals of Mansehra. Also Mansehra city is well served by auto rickshaws and taxis.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Mansehra:

Compared to other cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Mansehra houses the higher majority of Hindu people. The natives speak Hindi, Pahari, Potohari, Hindko, Pashto, Majhi, Gojri dialects of Punjabi Language along with national language Urdu.

The Hindu natives of Mansehra celebrate Durgashtami festival by great enthusiasm and splendor. Chitti Gatti village houses an ancient temple of Lord Shiva.

Mansehra houses the few modernized shopping centres and entertainment centres, on this point to enjoy better hospitality services and shopping experience tourists can visit the shops and hotels of Islamabad located about 140 kms from Mansehra.

Tourist Attractions in Mansehra:

Kaghan Valley:

Kaghan Valley is a most famous valley in Mansehra district. Near this valley there are several well facilitated resorts established to serve tourists.



Lulusar is a must visit lake in Mansehra district attracts tourists from all over the district for its stunning beauty.



Dhodial is a historical town includes several archeological sites.


The list of other tourist attractions in Mansehra is as follows:

  • Agror Valley
  • Siran River
  • Kunhar River
  • Dudupat Lake
  • Konsh Valley
  • hogarman Valley
  • Saiful Maluk Lake
  • Baffa
  • Pakhal Valley
  • Bhogarmang
  • Phulra
  • Shinkiari


Ideal time to visit Mansehra:

Between June and October is the ideal time to visit Mansehra.


Accommodation Options in Mansehra:

Mansehra hotels serves with the facilities of cable TV, conference hall, fitness centres, doctor on call, air ticket booking, vehicle parking, garden area and variety of Western, Asian and African food. The best hotels in Mansehra are as follows:

  • Hotel Aashiana
  • Zam Zam Hotel
  • Parbat Hotel
  • Zareen Hotel
  • Al-Noor Hotel
  • Battagram Khyber Hotel
  • Mehran Hotel
  • Al-Sheikh Hotel
  • Karachi Hotel
  • Green Lagoon Hotel
  • Zain Hotel
  • Karakuram Hotel

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