Places to Visit in Hengchun, Taiwan, Asia

Places to Visit in Hengchun, Taiwan, Asia

Hengchun is a township in Pingtung County in Taiwan is situated at the southernmost tip of Taiwan. Hengchun covers an area of 136.7630 Sq Kms and the gateway to Kenting National Park. Hengchun is bounded by the city wall and contains four gates and there are number of prominent schools and colleges and hospitals in the town and economy of Hengchun depends on tourism. An earthquake occurred in the year 2006 which caused severe damage to the city and several houses and historical monuments were destroyed in the township.

Hengchun is bounded by Checheng, Manzhou, Mudan, Shizi, and Daren and located at the distance of 455 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Hengchun is 22.00000° N, 120.75000° E.


Tourism in Hengchun:

Hengchun is a historical city and tourists can find number of well protected historical sites in the township. The city was developed in the year 1873 by Qing dynasty, which is considered as the oldest city in Pingtung County and during this rule they constructed the wall around the township which is 2.700 meters long and it is one of the famed tourists destination in Hengchun and there are several other historical monuments in the town. Hengchun is bound by stunning scenery and beaches along the coast and thousands of travelers visit this township throughout the year and most of the travelers are international tourists.


Places to Visit in Hengchun:

Ancient Wall:

It is one of the ancient walls in the city which was constructed in the year 1873 by Qing dynasty, this wall measures 2.700 meters long and has four entry ways is visited by number of tourists.


Kenting National Park:

This national park is the oldest national park in Taiwan and renowned for sunshine, Scenic Mountain, beach and Kenting National Park is visited by thousands of tourists around the world.


Other Places to Visit in Hengchun:

  • Eluanbi Park
  • Longpan Park
  • Beaches
  • Aquatic sports


Best time to Visit Hengchun:

Hengchun is a located at the tip of Taiwan and on the sea coast and it receives Pacific Typhoon during the months of May to November but the best time to visit Hengchun is between the months of December to March.


How to Reach Hengchun?

By Air:

Hengchun is served by Hengchun Airport located at the distance of 7 Kms from centre of the township and this airport serves with domestic flights to Taipei and tourists can hire taxis from airport to Hengchun Township.


By Sea:

Kaohsiung Port is one of the major ports in the Taiwan and this port is located at the distance of 98 Kms from the township and operates domestic and international ferries.


By Train:

Hengchun is located at the tip of Taiwan and there is no railway line to Hengchun Township but the nearest station is Fangshan Station located at the distance of 35 Kms from the township and this railway line connects to several cities and towns in Taiwan.


By Road:

There are number of public transportation facilities available to Hengchun town from various cities and bus is the common mode of transpiration in the township and other local transportations includes taxiss, motorcycles and cars.


Where to Stay in Hengchun?

Hengchun is a prominent tourist destination in Taiwan bounded by number of historical monuments and tourists and come across plenty of accommodation facilities in Hengchun township which cost from $ 30 to $ 200 and above per night and provides all the modern amenities and few hotels provide tourist packages as well. Some of the prominent hotels in Hengchun are as follows:


  • Howard Villa
  • Leofoo Resort Kenting
  • The Riverside Hotel Hengchun
  • The House B&B
  • El Puerto Hotel
  • Gloria Manor
  • Time House
  • Martin Wales Hotel Kenting
  • Tetsu Inn
  • Holland Hotel
  • Time House Vacation Villa
  • South Gate Guesthouse
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