Places to Visit in Shoufong, Taiwan, Asia

Places to Visit in Shoufong, Taiwan, Asia

Shoufong is located in Hualien County and one the Township in Hualien County in Taiwan and it is situated between Haian Rang and Taiwan’s Central Region. Shoufong is home for the National Dong Hua University and populace of this region depend on fishing and agriculture for their living. Shoufong is situated in Hualien and Hualien is the biggest County in Taiwan which covers an area of 4,628.5714 Sq Kms.

Shoufong is bounded by Fenglin, Hualian City, Xincheng, Guangfu, Fengbin, Ruisui, Wanrong, Zhuoxi, Yuli and Changbin is located at the distance of 190 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Shoufong is 23.867° N 121.517° E.


Tourism in Shoufong:

Shoufong is bounded by mountain region is situated close to coastal region. Tourists can take pleasure in beach and trek around the villages and mountain region and there are valley, lakes and landscapes in and around Shoufong which makes this one of the stunning and must visit places in Hualien County.


Places to Visit in Shoufong:

Liyu Carp Lake:

This is one of the renowned lakes in East Taiwan and located at the foothills of Liyu Mount and climate in the region is pleasant throughout the year and this lake is bounded by mesmerizing landscape and natural greenery.

Yun Shan Shui Eco Farm:

This eco farm is bounded by mountains is located close to the lake and there are various floras surrounded by the farm which makes the Yun Shan Eco Farm one of the most beautiful sites to visit and visited by number of tourists from various places.


Other Places to Visit in Shoufong:

  • Taroko Naitonal Park
  • Honan Temple
  • Niushan Huting Reserved Area
  • East Rift Valley National Science Area
  • Hualien Ocean Park


Food and Culture in Shoufong:

Shoufong is located close to coastal area and seafood is the main cuisine in and around this region and tourists can get wide range of delicious cuisine in Shoufong Township. Various tribal groups can be found in Shoufong and Buddhism is practiced in Shoufong.


Best time to Visit Shoufong:

Shoufong is bounded by mountain region and climate is pleasant throughout the year and best time to visit Shoufong is during the summer season.


How to Reach Shoufong?

By Air:

Shoufong Township is situated at the distance of 23 Kms from Hualien Airport is the nearest airport and this airport serves with domestic flights to Kaohsiung, Jinan, Taichung, Taipei, and Tianjin. Tourists can get buses and trains from airport to Shoufong Township frequently.


By Sea:

Shoufong Township is situated near Hualien Port at the distance of 24 Kms is nearest the port to Shoufong and port is used for import purpose and serves with domestic and international ferries as well.


By Train:

Shoufong Township is served by Shoufong Station is located at the distance of 2.5 Kms from centre of the town, this railway line is operated by Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) and this railway line is well connected with different cities and towns in Taiwan.


By Road:

National Highway 9, 11 and County Road 195 connects to Shoufong and travelers can get number of buses from various parts of Taiwan to Shoufong and other major local transport includes taxis, cars, thumb and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Shoufong?

Shoufong is a Township in Hualien County, a coastal region and there are plenty of accommodation facilities accessible in and around the Shoufong and hotels in and around Shoufong offers all the main amenities to customers and cost from $ 40 to $ 350 and above per night. Some of the renowned hotels in Shoufong are listed below:


  • Lien Jan Hostel
  • Butterfly Valley Resort
  • Silks Place Taroko
  • Farglory Hotel Hualien
  • Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
  • Leader Village Taroko
  • Lakeshore Hotel Hualien
  • Azure Villa
  • East Coast Hotel
  • Parkview Hotel Hualien
  • Hualien Chateau de Chine Hotel
  • If-Ocean Guest House
  • Classic City Resort

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