Places to Visit in Hualien City, Taiwan, Asia

Places to Visit in Hualien City, Taiwan, Asia

Hualien is a city in Hualien County in Taiwan situated on the east coast of Taiwan. Hualien is located between Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Ranges which makes the city pleasing and one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Hualien. There are several educational institutions and health care facilities in the city. Hualien city is bounded by Xincheng, Jian, Shoueng, Fenglin, Guangfu, Fengbin and Ruisui and located at the distance of 176 Kms from the capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Hualien City are 23.9722° N, 121.6064° E.


History of Hualien City:

Till 20th century, Hualien city was recognized as the Kilai and in the year 1895 city came under the rule of Japanese, after the Second World War Hualien came under the rule of China and was renamed as Hualien. Hualien was ruled by Japanese and Taiwanese for long time.


Tourism in Hualien City:

Hualien is situated between Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Ranges which makes the city pleasing throughout the year and thousands of tourists from various places visit the city to relax in the calm and peaceful environment. Hualein city is located along the sea and there are number of beaches and water sports activities organized in the city for the tourists.


Places to Visit in Hualien City:

The Abode of Still Thoughts:

This is one of the famed Buddhist temples in the Hualien city and this temple is located at the foothills of Mouth North Jialiwan is bounded by Japanese style garden and visited by number of devotees.


Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum:

This is the prime museum in the Hualien city located at the centre of the city and this museum showcases both traditional and modern stone monuments.


Dongjingchan Temple:

Populace of the region follow strict religion and temple is devoted to Lord Buddha and golden Buddha Statue is unveiled in the temple.


Other Places to Visit in Hualien City:

  • River Tracing and Hiking in the Hualien city
  • Hualien Ocean ParK
  • Beibin Seashore Park
  • Meilun Seashore Park
  • Nanbin Seashore Park
  • Yenpin Prefectural Temple
  • Pine Garden
  • Chi-Hsing Tan


Food and Culture in Hualien City:

Rice steamed in a bamboo tube is one of the famous cuisines in Hualien city and there are number of restaurants in the city which serves delicious Taiwanese cuisine, vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines are available in the city and populace of the city follows Taiwanese culture and tradition.


Best time to Visit Hualien City:

Hualien experiences pleasant climate throughout the year and best time to visit Hualien is between the months of October to March.


How to Reach Hualien City?

By Air:

Hualien is served by Hualien Airport located in the city with domestic flights to Kaohsiung, Jinan, Taichung, Taipei and Tianjin cities in Taiwan.


By Train:

Hualien is served by Hualien Station, which comes under TRA North Link line and this line is well connected to various cities and towns in Taiwan.


By Road:

Hualien is a city and tourists can get number of buses from various parts of Taiwan to Hualien city and major local transport includes taxiss, cars, thumb and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Hualien City?

Hualien is one of the famed tourist destinations in Taiwan and there are plenty of accommodations facilities available in the city with all the modern amenities to customers and cost from $ 30 to $ 100 and above per night. Some of the famed hotels in Hualien city are listed here below:

  • C’est Jeune Hotel
  • Parkview Hotel Hualien
  • Promisedland Resort & Lagoon
  • Classic City Resort
  • Byeyer Hotel Hualien
  • Lishiuan International Hotel
  • Silks Place Taroko
  • Hualien Chateau de Chine Hotel
  • Moroccan Holiday Suite Hualien
  • Farglory Hotel Hualien
  • Hualien Charming City Hotel
  • King Cheng Hotel

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