Places to Visit in Yilan City, Taiwan, Asia

Places to Visit in Yilan City, Taiwan, Asia

Yilan is a city and capital of Yilan County in Taiwan Island in Republic of China and also spelled as llan. Yilan City covers an area of 29.40 Sq Kms and the first habitants of Yilan City region were the Kavalan people and populace was engaged in farming, hunting and fishing. Economy of Yilan City depends on fishing, tourism and educational institutions situated in the city.

Yilan City is bounded by Wujie, Luodong, Dongshan, Yuanshan, Datong, Jiaoxi, Toucheng, Suao, Nanao and Wulai and located at the distance of 56 Kms from capital of Taiwan, Taipei and coordinates of Yilan City is 24.7500° N, 121.7500° E.


Tourism in Yilan City:

Yilan City is situated on the Lanyang Plain and rives flows through the city which make the Yilan City charming and pleasant to visit. Tourists can site along the rivers and view the stunning sites of surroundings and tourists can visit temples, night market, museums, parks, and landscapes in the city which makes it one of the renowned tourist destinations in Yilan City County.


Food and Culture in Yilan City:

Populace of Yilan City follow diverse culture and majority of populace follow aborigine culture and other follows Taiwanese culture. Tourists can find several restaurants and hotels in Yilan City, which serves delicious and authentic Taiwanese and aborigine cuisine and tourists can buy various handicrafts and artifacts from the city.


Places to Visit in Yilan City:

Qilan Sacred Trees Garden:

This is one of the distinctive gardens in Yilan City and this tree garden is home for unique trees, which includes Formosan red false cypresses and Taiwan hinoki false cypresses and every trees in the garden is named after the well-known persons in Taiwan.


Hot Springs:

There are number of hot springs situated in and around the city, where number of tourists visit this site to relax and to take a dip, which is believed to cure several skin related diseases.


Other Places to Visit in Yilan City:

  • Night Market
  • Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration
  • A Natural Paradise with a Human Touch
  • Yilan Distillery Chia Chi Lan Wine Museum
  • Whale and Dolphin Watching
  • Taiwan Theater Museum


Best time to Visit Yilan City:

Yilan City is coastal region and summer is hot and humid and winter is pleasant but the best time to visit Yilan City is between the months of October to January.


How to Reach Yilan City?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Yilan City is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, located at the distance of 100 Kms from the Yilan City and this airport serves with domestic and international flights and the major airport in Taiwan connects to several cities in the globe and tourists can hire taxis or can board bus or train to reach Yilan City from airport.


By Train:

Yilan City is served by Yilan City Station, which lies on Yilan City line operated by the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) and this railway line is connected to rest of the Taiwan Island.


By Road:

Yilan City has well developed road connectivity and there are numbers of buses plying from various parts of Taiwan to Yilan City frequently and major local mode transportation are car, taxis, thumb and motorcycle.


Where to Stay in Yilan City?

Yilan City is famed for its mountain valley and scenery and abundance of hotels are available in Yilan City County, which provides world class amenities to customers and cost from $ 40 to $ 250 and above per night. Some of the prominent hotels in Yilan City are listed below:

  • Guan Xiang Century Hotel
  • Grand Boss Hotel
  • Evergreen Resort Hotel
  • Kavalan Hotel
  • Sun Spring Resort
  • Shangrila Leisure Farming
  • Star Diamond Hotel
  • Leo Ocean Resort
  • Elan Boutique Motel Yilan
  • Beauty Garden Hotel Jiaohsi
  • Dragon Hot Spring Inn
  • Forte Dong Shan Villa
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