Places to Visit in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Places to Visit in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Balykchy is one of the major towns of Kyrgyz Republic or Kyrgyzstan, located towards North of Kyrgyzstan in Issyk-Kul Province, on the western periphery of Lake Issyk-Kul, the second largest mountainous lake in the world.  Balykchy is located on the main road towards east of Bishkek the Capital of Kyrgyzstan forming a part of the Silk Route that leads to China via the mountainous terrains to China in the East.


Balykchy with and area around 40 Sq. Km and is surrounded by China to the East and towards the West of Balykchy is the capital city of Bishkek at distance of 200 Km on the route A365 and towards to it East is the Issyk-Kul Lake and the town of Karakol at distance of 220 Km on route A363. To the North of Balykchy is the city of Almaty in the country of Kazakhstan at a distance of 380 Km by road.  To the south of Balykchy are the town of Kochkor and Kara-Koo at a distance of 60 Km.


Balykchy is famous for the Marshalling Yard for the essential supplies to gold mines located around 250 Km from Balykchy, that employs over 3000 workers and gold is mainly exported to US.



History of Balykchy:


Balykchy is one of the major towns on the old Silk Route for the traders from Far East countries traveling to European countries to stop their caravan of animals and people with goods as the lake Issyk-Kul provides the necessary succor for the thirsty throats and replenish their water needs.


Balykchy in the late 19th and 20th century was under the soviet control with small agricultural farms, livestock and stud farms and it was basically a fishing village that had taken the name of the lake Issyk-Kul and later changed to Balykchy after the Independence in 1991 from the Soviets.



Food and Culture in Balykchy:


The people of Balykchy adore kumi and beshbarmak the national drink and dish of the Kyrgyzstan.  Since Balykchy is located on the lake Issyk-kul the consumption of various fish dishes is more popular.


Balykchy is a fishing village and the culture is ethnic with the large influence of Soviet culture of life style. People mainly make living by selling the fished caught from the Lake Issy-Kul and by rearing the various livestock and horses in their stud farms.  The tourism around Lake Issy-Kul also provides a lively hood for the residents of Balykchy.



Shopping and Things to do in Balykchy:


In Balykchy Shopping is mainly done for the fish products that are variety of fishes which are dried and smoked and sold in the markets and at important tourist congregating places.


Balykchy is mainly known for its Lake Issy-Kul, where one can go for diving in the crystal clear waters and do paragliding and angling. For the more adventurers one can visit the Karakol Ski resort at a distance of 200 Km and also do trekking and hiking on the mountain ranges along the old Silk Route which starts from Balykchy.



Tourist Attractions in and around Balykchy:


  • Lake Issy-Kul: The main tourist attraction in Balykchy is its Lake Issy-kul where all out door activities and water sports are conducted.


  • Karakol Ski Base: Located around 220 Km from Balykchy is the sky resort of the skiing enthusiasts.




Connectivity to Balykchy:


Balykchy is reached from the capital city of Krygyzstan, Bishkek via the road 365A by taxi or the local transport buses. The train journey to Balykchy takes one via the picturesque locations from Bishkek which is around 200 Km and the local buses at the station would reach the tourists to Issy-Kul town and by flight Manas Airport near Bishkek at a distance of 180 Km is the nearest to reach Balykchy.


Hotel Accommodation in Balykchy:


  • Hotel and Resort Calm Harbor 5*
  • Kapriz Hotel 5*
  • Tagatay Karakol 5*
  • Hotel Amir 4*
  • Green Yard Hotel 4*
  • Karven Issy-Kul 3*
  • Karven Four Seasons 3*
  • Hotel Complex Le Meridien 3*

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