Khatgal Tourist Places to Visit in Khatgal, Mongolia, Asia

Khatgal Tourist Places to Visit in Khatgal, Mongolia, Asia

Khatgal is a town in Alag-Erdene District of Hovsgol province in Mongolia, placed between 50°26′22″ N latitude and 100°09′42″ E longitude. It is located about 773 kms northwest of Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.


Geography and Climate of Khatgal:

Khatgal is placed on the southern side of Khovsgol Lake and features a subarctic climate with wet summers and dry winters. It is positioned about 1656 meters above the mean level of sea.


History of Khatgal:

Khatgal was founded in the year 1727 and once served as the administrative capital of Khovsgol Aimag in 1931, two years later the capital moved to Moron. Khatgal is the birth place of former Mongolian health minister Lamjavyn Gundalai.


Economy of Khatgal:

Tourism is playing a major role in the economy of Khatgal and agriculture is also supporting the economy of Khatgal.


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Khatgal:

Khatgal is inhabited by different ethnic groups like Darhad, Hotgojd, Urianhaj, Buryats and Tsaatan. The natives of Khatgal are very hard workers and give more importance to religious festivals and have very good talent in handicraft production.

There are numerous modern retail outlets and cloth showrooms in Khatgal town in recent years, because of rich visit of foreign tourists. Tourists can purchase handicraft products at the shops situated in the heart of the town.

Beef, Chicken and Goat, Horse are common in daily diet of Khatgal. Other than meat, the natives are fond of chicken soups and variety of coffees. The best food corners near Khatgal in Moron City include:

  • 50° 100° Hotel
  • Jargalan Restaurant
  • Shalom Burger


Connectivity to Khatgal:

The airport of Khatgal is served by MIAT Mongolian Airlines with domestic flights to major regions of the country including national capital Ulan Bator. Bus services are also good to and from Khatgal and tourists can hire Taxi or Motor bikes from the local travel agents to visit tourist destinations, or wait at local bus terminals to board public buses.


Places to see in Khatgal:


Hovsgol Nuur:

Hovsgol Nuur is a beautiful lake located in Hovsgol province of Mongolia, located at a coordinates of 51°06′ N 100°30′ E. It is the biggest lake of the country in volume and is located at an altitude of 1645 meters. The lake is 136 kms in length, width of 36.5 kms and 262 meters depth and covered by MONH Sardag Mountain in the north and contains perch, burbot and trout lenok.


Hovsgol National Park:

Hovsgol National Park is the major identity of Hovsgol Province and is home to argali, deer, wolves, wolverines, moschidi, sable, black bears, elk and Siberian reindeer and goat sibirica.


Other tourist attractions near Khatgal include:

  • Deerstone Complex
  • Monastery – Danzandarjaa Khiid
  • Wrestling Stadium
  • Town Square


Best time to visit Khatgal:

From May to July is the ideal time to travel Khatgal to visit one of the beautiful lakes of the country.


Accommodation Options near Khatgal:

All the prime hotels of Khatgal offers the amenities of tennis court, shower, bathroom, buffets, billiard, sauna, massage, fridge, jug kettle and cable TV and fitness centre. The restaurants of the hotels offer Mongolian and European style food and cold beer and wine along with Chinese food. Tourists can prefer the rooms of standard, semi deluxe and deluxe as per the budget. The prominent hotels in Khatgal and Moron City are listed here below.

  • Dul Hotel
  • Turt Hotel
  • Bonda Lake Guest House
  • Eco Darhad guest house
  • 50° 100° Hotel
  • Hotel Merci

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