Places to Visit in Al Diwaniyah, Iraq, Asia

Places to Visit in Al Diwaniyah, Iraq, Asia

Al Diwaniyah also written as Ad Diwaniya is a capital city of Al-Qadisiyyah Governorate in Iraq situated at a distance of 538 km from national capital Baghdad. Al Diwaniyah is covered dry lands, dehydrated zones and agricultural areas along with the wide range of biodiversity.

Al Diwaniyah is home to one major tyre manufacturing plant of the country and also the headquarters eighth division of Iraqi Army. Al Diwaniyah is placed between 32°00′ north latitude and 45°00′ east longitude.


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Al Diwaniyah:

Most of the people of Al Diwaniyah are non vegetarian lovers and they like the dish of chicken, beef and mutton. The preferred food of the natives of Al Diwaniyah includes Halva, Kleicha, Baklava, Qatayef, Kleicha, Jallab, Amba, Dibis and Tahini.

Al Diwaniyah is very famous for production of special handicrafts of rugs and carpets. The locals have keen interest in celebrating marriage and birthday functions and the natives speak Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen and Neo Aramaic fluently.

Al Diwaniyah houses full of handicraft shops and archeological product centres. Other than handicraft product centres, Al Diwaniyah is home to modern retail outlets, shopping centres and electronic showrooms.


Travel to Al Diwaniyah:

Najaf International Airport is one of the prime airports of the country and also a nearest airport to Al Diwaniyah located at a distance of 61 kms. There are daily air services accessible to Baghdad and other main cities at Najaf International Airport.


Travel within Al Diwaniyah:

Al Diwaniyah has a good connectivity with its nearby regions by government and private organization buses. One can use Taxi or mini buses to travel within the city and to reach tourist spots.


Places to see in Al Diwaniyah:


Imam Ali Mosque:

Imam Ali Mosque also known as ‘Masjid Ali’ is located about 65 kms from Al Diwaniyah in Najaf. It is said that, the Iranian ruler the Daylamite Fannakhosraw Azod ad Dowleh built this Mosque in the year 977. Imam Ali Mosque was reconstructed in the year 1086 by Seljuk Malik Shah after destroyed by fire.

Imam Ali Mosque is visited by more than 8 million pilgrims from all over the world annually for its holiness and historical importance. It is placed at 31.996111° N 44.314167° E.


Al Abbas Mosque:

Al Abbas Mosque also termed as Masjid Al Abbas is located near Imam Husayn Mosque in Karbala. This holy place is very much famous among the surrounding regions of Karbala.


Ziggurat of Ur:

Ziggurat of Ur is a prime attraction situated in Tell el-Muqayyar of Dhi Qar Province, built by King Ur-Nammu.


Other tourist attractions near Al Diwaniyah include:

  • Ashur
  • Erbil International Airport
  • Karbala
  • Al Abbas Mosque
  • Great Mosque of Samarra
  • Baghdad Tower
  • Geli Eli Beg Waterfall
  • Seleucia
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Lake Habbaniyah
  • Baghdad Zoo


Best time to visit Al Diwaniyah:

The months between September and February are the great time to reach Al Diwaniyah, while cultural events are held in major mosques of the city.


Accommodation options in Al Diwaniyah:

Al Diwaniyah is one of the gradually developing regions of Iraq houses few star hotels. Due to this reason, tourists can choose the hotels of Nazaf for better hospitality services. The top hotels located near Al Diwaniyah are as follows:

  • Princes Tower Hotel
  • Ribal Hotel
  • The White palace Hotel
  • Hotel Qasr Aldur
  • Hotel Al-Rasheed
  • Babylon Hotel
  • Carlton Tower Hotel
  • Al Mansour Hotel


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