Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tsetserleg, Mongolia, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tsetserleg, Mongolia, Asia

Tsetserleg is the capital city of Arkhangai Province of Mongolia, about 513 kms away towards southwest of national capital Ulan Bator.


Geography and Climate of Tsetserleg:

Tsetserleg is placed between latitude 47°28′37″ in the north and longitude 101°27′01″ in the east. It experiences a humid continental climate with cold winters and hot summers.


History of Tsetserleg:

Tsetserleg was founded in 1680 and houses numerous ancient temples and historical monasteries.


Economy of Tsetserleg:

Tsetserleg is known for its food processing industries and is home to theatre, hotel, hospital, and an agricultural college.


Connectivity to Tsetserleg:

Tsetserleg is served by Tsetserleg Airport situated 2.5 kms from the city with daily flights to Ulan Bator operated by Aero Mongolia.

Every day at 8 AM, there are buses accessible at Dragon Bus Station of Ulaanbaatar heading towards Tsetserleg. Tourists must buy tickets a day in advance and it takes around 8 hours to reach, costs 18,000 tugrug. Other than public buses, tourists can board minibuses at low cost. To move within the city, car is the best option and costs between 500 and 2,000 T.


Cuisine and Shopping in Tsetserleg:

The hotels of Tsetserleg serve customers with both typical Mongolian and European food. Meat, potatoes, rice and soup is very common in the regular Mongolian diet. Expect price between 8,000 and 10,000 tugrug per dish in class hotels and the small local restaurants meals may be priced around 3,000 to 5,000 tugrug.

The Fairfield Guesthouse Cafe and Bakery offers Western style food and espresso coffee or cappuccino and bread available in this cafe is really mouthwatering. Naran Hotel is a bar attached, located beside the Fairfield Guesthouse and the walls of the hotels are colored with beautiful artworks. The Neptune is another major bar in Tsetserleg.

Apart from the hotels and restaurants, Tsetserleg houses numerous handicraft item shops at the centre of the city and they offer woolen items, metal and wooden artworks.


Tourist Attractions in Tsetserleg:


Summer Semchin Temple:

Summer Semchin Temple is the major temple of Tsetserleg situated towards the right side of the city centre. It is believed that, this temple was built during the end of 17th century.


Winter Semchin Temple:

Winter Semchin Temple is another prime temple located towards the left side of the city centre and was constructed in the year 1680.


Guden Temple:

Guden Temple is historical temple and now been converted into a museum.


Buyandelgeruulekh Monastery:

Buyandelgeruulekh Monastery is the main monastery of Tsetserleg located in the town centre.


Zayain Khuree Monastery:

Zayain Khuree Monastery turned into a museum, situated within the town.


The list of other tourist attractions near Tsetserleg is as follows:

  • Aimag Museum
  • Lake Ogii
  • Chuluut river
  • Khorgo Mountain and White lake
  • Khushuu Tsaidam
  • Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park.
  • Ogii Nuur


Best time to visit Tsetserleg:

October and July is the best time to visit Tsetserleg.


Accommodation Options in Tsetserleg:

According to August 2010 record of Tourism department of Arkhangai Province, more than 15950 tourists visited Arkhangai and 42.7% were foreign tourists. The hotels of Tsetserleg have the room facilities of standard, semi deluxe and deluxe with general and specialties like fitness centre, shower, bath, fridge, jug kettle and cable TV inside of room. Prominent hotels in Tsetserleg and its nearby regions are as follows:

  • Hotel Zamchin
  • Hotel Tsetserleg
  • Hotel Naran
  • Tsenger Hot Springs
  • The Fairfield Guesthouse
  • Sunder Hotel
  • Rich Land Hotel
  • Ar-Arvis Hotel

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