Best Tourist Places to Visit in Katukurunda, Sri Lanka, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Katukurunda, Sri Lanka, Asia

Katukurunda is a village situated near Kalutara Town in Western Province of Sri Lanka is well known for SLAF Katukurunda, Sri Lanka Air Force base, located 2 km away from the village centre. Katukurunda is situated 2.5 kms from district main town Kalutara and about 65 kms from the national capital Colombo.


SLAF Katukurunda:

SLAF Katukurunda is a Sri Lanka Air Force base. It was initially constructed as a Royal Naval Air Station HMS Ukussa and redeveloped by Sri Lanka Air Force in the year 1984. It witnessed several motor races organized by Air Force Sports Board with the help of Sports Ministry. Now it is also acting as a flight training centre for few local civil flying schools.

SLAF Katukurunda is served by Millennium Airlines      with flights to Ratmalana Airport and Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo.


Connectivity to Katukurunda:

Katukurunda is village located 2.5 kms from the nearest town Kalutara. People can board buses of nearby regions at Katukurunda Bus Junction and major cities at Kalutara Town Bus Stand.

Katukurunda Railway Station is placed few kilometers away from the centre of the village.

Katukurunda has an air base located in the vicinity of the village centre and other closest domestic airport is Ratmalana Airport (32 kms). The nearest international airport to Katukurunda is Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo (94 kms).


Food, Culture and Shopping in Katukurunda:

Katukurunda houses the population of different religions and various communities. The natives of Katukurunda celebrate both national and religious festivals with equal interest and enthusiasm.

Undu Walalu, Weli Thalapa, Bibikkan, Kokis and Ulundu Vade are famous dishes in the homes and the hotels of Katukurunda. Also the village houses few handicraft stores and general stores as well. The nearest major town Kalutara (5 kms) is best to purchase quality products and delicious food.


Must see places in Katukurunda:


SLAF Katukurunda:

SLAF Katukurunda is a Sri Lanka Air Force base placed in Katukurunda near Kalutara Town. It is a venue for many motor races and flight training.


Kalutara Bridge:

Kalutara Bridge is 38 meters long bridge placed on River Kalu Ganga of Kalutara. It acts as the major connection between western and southern regions of Sri Lanka.


Kalutara Vihara:

Kalutara Vihara is a prominent Buddhist temple situated near Kalutara Bridge was built in the year 1960.


Calido Beach:

Calido Beach is one of the must visit tourist destinations in Kalutara near Katukurunda visited by higher majority of foreign tourists.


Kalutara Bodiya:

Kalutara Bodiya is one of the most important religious places in Sri Lanka sited in the town of Kalutara.


The list of other tourist attractions in Katukurunda is as follows:

  • Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque
  • The Murugan Hindu Temple
  • The Nelum Pokuna Theatre
  • The Beira Lake
  • National Museum of Colombo


Best time to visit Katukurunda:

Between November and March is the ideal time to plan a holiday to Katukurunda to visit historical temples.


Accommodation Options in Katukurunda:

The facilities available in the hotels of Katukurunda offer laundry, dry cleaning and the food from the different regions of the world. The hotels, resorts and home stays in Katukurunda and Kalutara Town (5 kms from Katukurunda) are as follows:

  • Mermaid Hotel & Club
  • Royal Palms Beach
  • Aitken Spence Hotels
  • Roy Villa Beach Hotel
  • Royal Palms Beach Hotel
  • Salgado Hotel
  • Hotel De Gulf
  • Tangerine Beach Hotel
  • Golden Sun Resort
  • Global Towers Hotel
  • Hotel Janaki
  • Hotel Sansu
  • Kamvelta Holiday Resort
  • Parisare Home stay
  • Hotel Ranmuthu

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