Tianjin Tourist Places to Visit in Tianjin, China, Asia

Tianjin Tourist Places to Visit in Tianjin, China, Asia

Tianjin is sited on the Asian continent in the northern region of the country, China. The place is one among the five national central cities of the country and economy of Tianjin depends on industries, agriculture, tourism and educational institutions with highest GDP in China. Populace of Tianjin speaks the Tianjin Dialect of Mandarin. The geographical coordinates place Tianjin at 39.1333° N, 117.1833° E which spans over an area of 82,300 km2.


History of Tianjin:

The founding of the place name Tianjin originates from anyone of the following theories. One theory points to the fact that the word Tianjin originated from a poem sung by a patriotic poet belonging to the state of Chu. The second theory has it that there origin points to a star in the Chinese astronomy. The third theory is because of the origin of the event of name giving of the Emperor. During colonial period the British ruled Tianjin under a treaty with the then Imperial ruler of China. When Second World War broke out, the Japanese occupied Tianjin. Tianjin was under Japanese control till the end of the Second World War. Later the newly formed government took control of Tianjin.


Tourist Places in Tianjin:  

Huangya Guan Great Wall

This magnificent structure was first created during the period 550 to 557 under the Northern Qi dynasty and was later reconstructed during 1368 to 1644 under the Ming dynasty with bricks. This structure sits on the ridges of a mountain which is 738 meters above sea level.


Panshan Scenery Area

Located at a distance of 100 km from Tianjin towards the north, this area provides a breathtaking view of the lush greenery mountains in the region.


Tianjin Water Park

Being the largest park in the whole region of Tianjin, it provides a spectacular scenic with blue waters, bright sky and lush greenery surroundings.


Tianjin Seashore Resort

One of the amazing tourist spots in the region of Tianjin sited at a distance of 23 km from the city, Tianjin. One can indulge in many activities such as water sports, beach volleyball, yatching or skydiving and many more other activities.


Tianta Lake

This lake is famous in the region of Tianjin because of the TV and Radio station towers created in the year 1991, towering towards the sky.

Other Places to visit in Tianjin:

  • Tianjin Haihe Cultural Square
  • Five Great Avenues
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Shuishang Park
  • Tianjin Shijia Mansion


Means of Commutation to Tianjin:

Tianjin has well connected transportation facilities and there are 7 expressways and 6 National Highways connecting Tianjin to places like Beijing, Tanggu, Shenyang, Baodi, Tangshan, Harbin, Fuzhou, Beichen, Hebei, Shanghai, Nanjing, Macau, Guangzhou, Shanhaiguan and Jixian. Tourists can avail bus, taxi, ferry, motorcycle and bicycle facilities to get around the city.

Tianjin has a well connected railway network. There two railway stations in Tianjin

  • Tianjin Railway Station(also called as East Station)
  • Tianjin West Railway Station
  • Tianjin North Railway Station
  • Tanggu Railway Station
  • TEDA Railway Station

There are high speed trains travelling through these railway stations to places like Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Yizhuang, Pukou, Hebei, Bazhou and other places within China country.

Tianjin is well connected via airways to places across the world. The Tianjin Binhai International Airport in Dongli district, which is at a distance of 13 km from the city of Tianjin, caters to flights arriving and departing to and fro, places around the globe.

Tianjin is also connected via waterways to places within China country. Cruises harbored at the port of Tianjin commute travelers to places located in mainland China such as Beijing.


Accommodation Options at Tianjin:

Tianjin is major tourist destinations in China and there plenty to see in the city. The visitors can select a hotel of their choice based on their budget, needs and requirements. Tourists can select hotels for short term stay as well as long term stay in such hotels. They can also book the hotels well in advance prior to visiting the city through online bookings. List of some of the hotels located in Tianjin are:

  • Hotel Indigo Tianjin Haihe
  • The Astor Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel
  • Tangla Hotel
  • Somerset International Building Tianjin
  • Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Tianjin
  • Crowne Plaza Tianjin Binhai
  • Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside
  • Sheraton Tianjin Binhai Hotel
  • Hotel Nikko Tianjin

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